My Middle-Aged Boy

titabuds - dachshund - bruno

Bruno is 9 years old today — 54 in midsized-dog years — older than anyone else in the house and getting bossier by the day. I always mark his birthday with a blogpost so, hallelujah, my “latest” post is no longer about Christmas trees from 2012! 😀

Our treat for him (and his sidekick Jigsy) was a long car ride to Whole Pet Kitchen, the first dog cafe here in Manila. It’s a lovely place with real good, real food for dogs and their humans.

Now don’t be fooled by Bruno’s docile demeanor in that photo. Today of all days, Bruno decided that he would bring out his built-in amplifier and BARK in full dachshund decibels at everyone entering the store, including WPK’s own staff! How mortifying is that? Thank goodness, WPK’s staff are a patient bunch and the store ‘mascot’, a friendly golden retriever named Jack, wasn’t in. I wanted to meet him but Bruno would have run amok if he’d been there.

The dogs loved the doggie dish called Jack’s Lasagna.


Moments after I snapped that photo, Bruno took a huge chunk, plopped it on the white (!) sofa, and lapped it up till no morsel was left. He’s not exactly schooled in the art of table dining but I think he’s old enough to clean up after himself. 🙂

A Festival of Trees

festival of trees-9

As far back as I can remember, it has been our family’s tradition to decorate our Christmas tree on the 8th of December — my sister Maissie’s birthday. Now that we live thousands of miles apart, she asked that we sort of keep the tradition alive together by posting photos of Christmas trees on her Facebook timeline along with our usual birthday greetings.

Of course, true to form, I am now a day late for the party. Good thing I have these in my photo files. I hope this more than makes up for it, sistah. 🙂

festival of trees-8

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Homeward Bound

green (1)

We’re leaving in four hours for our annual 12-hour drive to our hometown for Lent. I’ve been busy preparing for the trip because unlike in the past, this is going to be such a major production — the dogs are coming with us.

It’s both ‘Yey, we’re bringing them to the beach!’ and ‘There’s going to be chaos inside the car! For 12 hours!’. Because I can’t share in the driving duties, I’m in charge of the little savages and I probably won’t have time for much else, including snapping photos along the way.

These are pictures I took this time last year of the usual roadside scenery just before we reach Sorsogon. It’s harvest time so the rice fields are green and gold and calming and, though not as majestic as other landscapes, really beautiful. 🙂


green (2)

I hope you all have a calm and peaceful week ahead. 🙂


Hot Air

balloons-by-titabuds (4)

Last weekend, we drove to Clark Field in Pampanga (a province north of Manila) for the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. We arrived early enough but there was already a huge crowd milling about. As I fiddled with the camera, I enviously eyed the ones who were able to secure a good spot for the expected photo ops and complained to the husband that everyone around me seemed too tall! 😀

crowds (3)crowd 01

To signal the start of the festival, skydivers jumped from a light plane, one of them with the Philippine flag. We then spent the rest of the morning  with our eyes glued to the sky, enjoying the sight of colorful balloons and paragliders and getting mightily impressed with the daring of aeronautical acrobats. Like everyone else who had a gadget (or two) in hand, I just clicked and clicked away.

balloons-by-titabuds (3)

balloons-by-titabuds (2)

balloons-by-titabuds (10)

balloon collage (800x566)

balloons-by-titabuds balloons-by-titabuds (6)


I’ll post pictures of the cute balloons next time. 🙂

Extra Shots: San Francisco

Here are some more photos from our trip to San Francisco, some of them taken while driving down those hilly streets, while waiting to cross the street, while crossing the street, or from the parking lot at Best Buy. 😀 (1) (6) (11) (9) (8)

And so we leave San Francisco, not exactly with our hearts left behind but with pleasant, sunny memories of finally seeing the most photographed bridge in the world, strolling in a not-so-tiny neighborhood park, relishing ‘exclusive’ nighttime photo ops, inhaling the sweet smell of chocolate and drooling over everything in a bakery that has all the goods.

We will surely be back. There’s still so much more to see, experience and eat (of course!) in this lovely and exciting city. Thanks, “SanFran”! 🙂


P.S. This was our rental car. We called it Andy. (4)

Victim of Schmaltz

[Recycled from my old blog. 🙂 ]


It was a few days before Valentine’s Day and romance was in the air. But after a long day, all I wanted was a quiet ride home. I hailed a cab, got in and, BOOM, was immediately pinned to my seat by sentiment so heavy it reminded me of the 12-hour bus ride that got me acquainted with the entire Power Ballads of the 80s boxed set.

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