Something Begins at 40

So.  I turned 40 a few weeks ago.

Forty. The onset of midlife.

The most surprising thing about it is how exciting it feels. I may be sounding Oprah-ish here but life does suddenly seem full of possibilities and adventure and newness.  There is an impetus to do a wholesale shedding of what did not work in the past.  Or maybe I have suddenly become more aware that I do have a deadline for certain dreams that I’ve had all these years.

And the feeling of freedom! Very, very exciting.

We’re also barely two months in our new house (our own home, yey!).  The place, the routine, the people — everything seems new and yet so settled now in a very good way.

So I thought I’d start a new blog about all these.  I have a feeling this new stage will be very good for me.  So, shall we?

We shall.


2 thoughts on “Something Begins at 40

  1. My first time to read your blog. I envy you for having your own house at 40. How i wish i could have mine too. We’re of the same age. Stay happy!

    • Thank you very much. We rented an apartment for 10 years before we found the courage to plunk down the deposit for this house. Here’s hoping that you’ll soon have your own place, too. Thanks for reading! 🙂

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