Back Home

I’m back in the hometown for a work assignment and to visit my family.
Skies over Bicol

On the flight to here I was seated at the very last row of the plane and tried to delude myself that I was on First Class by listening to O Sole Mio and The Godfather theme while looking out at the clouds. (I’m currently on an Al Pacino phase.)

The flight to Legaspi City from Manila was shorter than the ride (by van) to my hometown. I was tired and sleepy by the time I arrived at Chimmy’s house but I immediately perked up at the sight of lunch.

We had sinigang na hipon, pork adobo, my favorite fried fish (usuus/asuhos or whiting) and bihon (rice noodles). All Filipino comfort food. Sarap.

I spent most of the afternoon with the nieces. They asked me repeatedly to take their picture.

“Tita Buds, puede?”

Gianna & Sam
“Tita Buds, ‘yung flowers naman.”

The flowers are pretty and the garden is on an all-out bloom this time of the year. Maybe, I should write something about my mother’s garden and everything that comes out of it. Meanwhile I need my sleep. The humidity — whooo! — is sapping my strength.

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