In the Pit

Today, I had to speak to a large crowd in a provincial town about the new automated elections.  The crowd was large enough that they had to move the venue to the only place that could accommodate it — a sabungan or cockfighting arena! The mayor and his aides were so gracious though that I could not complain. So there I was, holding a microphone, standing in the middle of (where else) the fenced-in cockpit, looking up, talking to the crowd on the bleachers.

It was going well (I thought) until I noticed that the crowd’s attention had veered to something to my right. A rooster (!) had somehow found its way into the cockpit and was already sharing the spotlight space with me.

Ahh, me and my animal appeal.

Anyway, I’m about to go home to Manila. I’m sooo looking forward to seeing the husband and the dogs again.

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