Sam, Bobo and Jigs

Sam with Bobo

If you’ve seen the  PetSmart Bobo Commercial from four years ago, you know that the pink stuffed thing beside Sam is a dog toy.

It used to be Bruno’s. Or was really meant for Bruno. I saw the ad a few years back, thought it was so charming and bought the toy for my dog. Unfortunately, in his excitement he stepped on it and the toy let out a loud squeeeeek. Bruno ran as far away from Bobo as he could and never went near it again.  I tried giving it to Jigs but got the same reaction.  It’s been languishing inside a box for two years.

Last month, I showed the old commercial to Gianna and Sam. The two girls asked if they could have the dog toy, so I got it washed and handed it to Sam this morning. The little girl is so thrilled she carries Bobo everywhere. She loves to brandish it as she walks.

So all day today, Jigs looked like this:


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