My Cuf Runneth Over

Three reasons why I don’t feel like posting much these days:

  1. The World Cup is on.  Ergo, my normal sense is off.  Off as in I missed a  Rafa Nadal match at Wimbledon.   In Manila time, the WC matches start very late at night and end at 4:30 in the morning.  I sacrifice sleep and watch every match.  Between this and work (see #2), I have time (and thought) for little else.  I have practically turned celibate, haha.  Meanwhile, the dog keeps me company during the ungodly hours.  He gave me the evil eye when I started jumping up & down after Spain’s semi-final win.  The dog is a dachshund.  Chances are he rooted for Germany.

  2. I have been taking work home. I’m preparing a draft bill that has something to do with education reform vis-avis the Bologna Accord.  Of course, I also just wrote a sentence that makes my job sound more impressive than it really is, mwahaha.  (It isn’t, trust me.) For some reason, I have also been eating a lot of sandwiches lately.


  3. Now that I finally have a little time, my laptop has gone bonkers. A few days ago, I wiped it down with a recommended cleaning solution and did not wring the cloth out completely. I think a few drops got under the keys, some of which have stopped functioning.   I’m now writing this on the husband’s laptop because I have temporary loss of the numbers 2-5, the backspace, home and Shift keys, and the letter “P”.  Yesterday, I emailed my sister, “let me know re: costs of shiffing”.

And now it’s 2:20 AM here.  Excuse me while I go and light a candle for San Iker.

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