My architect / artist friend Chie made these bookmarks for me to add to my collection.

IMG_2787 (640x427)

Chie is the kind of friend anyone with minimal artistic abilities (ergo, me) would be lucky to have. We were pre-teens the day we met. She started high school two weeks late and her Manay thought me fit to introduce her to everyone (probably the last time anyone considered me fit).

Chie’s first day in, she waited for me at the school porch, her curly hair braided a la Heidi. As in Spyri, not Klum. She looked like an old-fashioned prude! Then without a word, she gave me a bookmark she hand-painted that said ‘Let’s be friends’. And so we’ve been, for more than 25 years. (And I learned soon enough that ‘old-fashioned prude‘ and ‘without a word‘ are phrases that can never be associated with Chie.)

bkmrks by Chie (2)

She still loves working on her craft projects. Tell her she should start selling them and she’ll just shrug and give you a little something instead — a refrigerator magnet, another bookmark, a keychain, or a cell phone trinket like this.

(Yes, that is my cellphone. Yes, it is from the Jurassic Age.)

A few months ago, Chie moved back to our hometown to be with her kids. Now, on top of her architectural projects, she also manages their small farm while her husband works abroad. She still has time for her hobby. Her kids (my godchildren) are into it, too; the last time I talked to them they were gathering chicken feathers so they could make a ‘dreamcatcher’.

I don’t even know what that is.

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