Weekend at Balay Indang

Two years ago, we spent my birthday at a garden resort in Cavite called Balay Indang. We loved the place and thought N’s birthday last weekend would be a good time to go back.

The rain was pouring down in sheets when we arrived on Friday and someone met us at the parking area with an umbrella so wide it could have sheltered Maria, the Captain and the seven Von Trapp children. 🙂

We were led to the main house through a canopied walk. 


The main house.

The decor in Balay Indang (balay means house) is basically Filipino with some Balinese/Asian touches. The furnishings and polished wood floors give everything a probinsiya feel. Homey, welcoming and cozy would be a good way to describe the place.

We were promptly served merienda — buko tarts (a Tagaytay/Cavite specialty), crackers, iced tea and coffee. Because it was just the start of the weekend, we were the only guests staying for the night and had our pick of the rooms. We could have stayed in the main house but we opted for a ‘garden room’.

The gardens, which remind me of those found in the homes of my retired high school teachers, would have to be Balay Indang’s main attraction — well-kept, with several seating areas, ‘hidden’ paths, charming corners, and tropical flowers everywhere.


There’s even an old kalesa (horse-drawn carriage) in the grounds.
IMG_2847 (640x426)

This is a perfect place for reading (probably even Great Expectations, if you are so inclined) and I managed to read through one book before we were called to dinner.

The walls of the main dining room are covered with a fascinating collection of mirrors and masks. You can spend minutes just checking out everything, including your reflection (again if you are so inclined).


And because you must know, this was dinner.


Salad, shrimps cooked in coconut milk (the aroma alone made me drool), grilled chicken with chutney, steamed fish, green papaya also cooked in coconut milk. Pastillas for dessert…
Our placecard holder.
This was our little placecard holder, meant to be charming and quaint, I’m sure. Unfortunately, it reminded morbid me of lapidas and tombs, nyeh.

After dinner we lounged around at the main house’s sala. We practically had the place to ourselves.

IMG_2879 (640x421)IMG_2884 (640x422)

The next day we woke to a light drizzle and a hearty breakfast.

The last time we were there, the place was packed with vacationing families and groups so couples were served breakfast in this little charming room just off the main dining area.

At the far corner of the room … the Jackson 5, Bee Gees, Lettermen and the Carpenters.

(Side Note #2: We used to own a copy of the Saturday Night Fever soundtrack album but in 1987, typhoon Sisang turned it into a frisbee.)

Anyway, we brought our coffee and some rambutan out to the terrace.

(P.S. They do NOT go together.)

Then while we still had the place to ourselves, we took another stroll around the garden and to the pool area.flowersIt was too cold for a swim so we refreshed our skills at sungka at the poolside pavilion. IMG_3002 (407x640)

After taking more pictures and preparing for the trip back to Manila, we went to the main house for lunch and found the great room packed. People from an NGO plus a bunch of theater-types were there. (Nakita namin si Ronnie Lazaro, the Boatman).

This time, the main dining room was all dressed up.

IMG_3086 (640x415)Lunch included a salad, tuna wasabi, grilled porkchops, seafood omelet and these shrimp kebabs.I need to write an ode to those shrimp kebabs.

All too soon, it was time to leave.  The staff sent us off with some seafood pesto and chilled soda to go. (We forgot to have our mid-morning snack and the Balay Indang package includes three meals and two snacks.)  Of course, on our way back to the car, it started raining again. But after 24 hours at the Balay, we were already too relaxed to mind.


Balay Indang is in the municipality of Indang, Province of Cavite. It’s a couple of hours drive from Metro Manila and just a few minutes away from Tagaytay City.

8 thoughts on “Weekend at Balay Indang

  1. I love Balay Indang. We held a brainstorming session there years ago with my Clients and the place is heavenly!! I love the food, I love the eccentricity of the place, I love the calm and the peacefulness. Thanks for sharing this!!

    • You’re welcome and thanks for visiting my blog. Balay Indang is such a beautiful, peaceful place. Even only a weekend there gets one so relaxed. 🙂

  2. Pingback: My Mini-Guide to Summer Fun in the Philippines | tita buds' blog

    • Thanks, Naomi. I’m sure you’ll love walking through the gardens. It’s much, much less crowded than Monet’s, hehehe.
      Of course, the beauty of Monet’s is incomparable…. 🙂

  3. What a beautiful place! If only it were closer to the NL I’d be there this long weekend! 🙂 It’s a good thing you put that photo of the shrimp kebabs almost at the end of the post, otherwise, I wouldn’t have read any further, I think! 🙂 They look yumyum!
    Can you please book a room for me there for a weekend in, say, 2018? 🙂

    • It is wonderful at Balay Indang. You get to laze around all day and wait to get called for meals and merienda. When I’m there, I feel like I’m getting fattened up for the grill, haha. Oh, I didn’t mention in the post that there’s a massage service, too, by manangs (older women) who seem to have been doing it forever. 🙂
      Let’s see…what month in 2018 would you prefer? 😀

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