Shanghai Summer

Walking around at the Asia-Pacific Zone, Shanghai World Expo 2010

I have yet to completely recover from our Shanghai trip. I’ve never been this exhausted after a vacation, yargs.

(If you’re not up for a little negativity right now, you can skip what I wrote below and go directly to my stories about our trip to Shanghai.)

OK, I have to tell you, Shanghai was a little hard for me. It was sooo hot, walking around felt like having an oven strapped to my back. Of course, this is not China’s fault. We wanted to travel on a budget and chose August as it’s the low tourist season. Our cheapness got the better of us. Low tourist season is the height of summer. My legs melted until I could walk no more.

There was  also this, uh, other thing. At the subway, on the streets, at the pedestrian walkways, inside the mall — everywhere — people shoved and elbowed everyone else out of the way. On hindsight, I understand it is a cultural thing but at the time, I was perpetually annoyed at all the queue-jumping and yelling and pushing.  This is what exhausted me more than the heat. By the second day of our stay, I found myself pushing and shoving back, something I am not very comfortable with.  I hope that things will improve as China’s cities become more and more cosmopolitan. There really is so much to see, explore and learn in China.

I do want to go back. Just never again on a summer.

More about what I did enjoy in Shanghai  here.

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