25 Years in the Making

This is why I haven’t posted anything for some time.

That’s me with my classmates friends from high school and we are all holding copies of our class’s Silver Jubilee Memory Book. Yep, we are 25 years past high school.

Kids who were born the year we graduated are now in their 2nd or 3rd jobs. Madonna is 50 years old. Michael Jackson is dead. There is no going back to the USSR. 

I (and Sheila and our friend Kyn) worked on this for months and for no pay. On top of our day jobs.  I have gray marshmallows under my eyes. But my childhood fantasy of putting out some sort of publication (however minor, however limited the run and readership) has … *cue the thunder!* … come to pass.

I am more pleased than pleased with the outcome. Happy, happy, happy.  (Sorry, Ma, I know it’s the Holy Week but I can’t help it.)

So in less than a week I’ll be seeing everyone again.

Eeek, my hair!

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