A few days ago, I did something that’s just a tiny bit less dangerous than eating an entire bag of Tostitos with french onion dip.

I got on a zipline.

Yes, me and the Mr. harnessed to a contraption 300 feet up in the air, whizzing by at 60 kilometers per hour. Would it be so cocky to say that I felt more thrill than fear up there? Well then, meet Tita Buds The Cocky.

Wait, that doesn’t sound right…

Anyway, it was absolutely thrilling.  So much so I went ‘Wheeeeee!!!’ for most of the 250-meter (each way) ride. My mother who stayed safe from her perch on the viewing deck, let it be known that she disapproves of this kind of behavior on the part of her 40-something third child. Good thing she didn’t notice that I went up there barefoot.

The Tagaytay Zipline (more information and photos here) is at the People’s Park in Tagaytay, Philippines. Try to go on a weekday to avoid the usual crowds. It’s safe and the way the harness wraps around your body is somehow reassuring. You also don’t have to worry about your sandals falling to the trees below — they take it off you and strap it to the harness so you’ll have footgear in your next lifewhen you get to the other side.

Another tip: If at the halfway point during the ride, you manage to pry your eyes away from their intense and prayerful focus on the heavens, you’ll be treated to an unobstructed view of the world’s smallest active volcano, Taal and the lake surrounding it.

Breathtaking, really. But back at the office, nowhere near as impressive as when I start drinking my coffee.


I’m going back for a refill.

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