Drool Day: Biker Chic

At some point in the past millenia, I knew how to ride a bike. I’m too chicken to check if I still do. But when I spotted this over at the blog Pillar Box Post, my heart skipped five beats.

Isn’t that the cutest bike you’ve ever seen? My god, even I would look pretty on this! Even if I were riding in tandem with Manuel Noriega. People would point and say, β€œWhat a lovely sight they make!”

Check out the handlebars. And that red bell! I imagine it sounds just like the ring-ring of the magpa-pandesal’s bike from my childhood. Retro ever so much.

Right now I’m so out of shape but IF I had an extra P25k or so (sadly, I don’t), I think I could turn myself into a would-be Lancelette.

(images from cb2.com)

7 thoughts on “Drool Day: Biker Chic

  1. Oh wow! That IS the cutest bike! I would love to ride it. Your comment about your riding partner was funny…. I ride my bike from like 25 years ago–my kids gave it to my for Mother’s Day. The tires are dry from age! My husband is now adding new tires to it, so I am quite excited. I’m going to have to trick out my bike though–make it look cool, but it won’t ever look as cool as this one! I like your blog and writing. Neat little stories.

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  3. Ah! You are a riot. Hope you and Manuel Noriega are very happy together riding around town on this beautiful bike πŸ™‚

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