On Tourist-y Travel

“Embrace the prospect of being a tourist. Some snooty types will tell you that they’re ‘travelers’, not tourists. But if being a tourist means wanting to see all the attractions that make a town unique, then what’s so bad about that?”

~ Pico Iyer, in 10 Things Every Traveler Should Do

5 thoughts on “On Tourist-y Travel

  1. Oo nga! Meteor Garden II, really? 😉 I wasn’t able to check where it leads to and where all those people are going, although the signs said Ayuntamiento.
    Loved Barcelona, loved all the places we were able to go to in Spain, actually.
    Thanks for dropping by. Your blog has lots of interesting stuff (I wish I had enough time to make as much ‘gala’ as you do) & I’ll be subscribing back. 🙂

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