A Dog’s Prayer

Because we’re just about to run out of chicken jerky tenders…

Mention the words bread sticks or tasty treat and you get different reactions from my dogs. Bruno knows he is Top Dog and calmly sits. (He always gets the treat first.)

Jigs, our mini pinscher, chooses to work for his share. He jumps up and down, his eyes bulging and starts to HOWL. I guess that’s how it is when you’ve got the stomach of a whale.

7 thoughts on “A Dog’s Prayer

  1. Kinda like that here. DeDe will dance all over the place for a treat. But me? I try to act like I’m not interested, even though I’m sitting RIGHT THERE!

  2. Ay, it does take a LOT of energy and patience, especially when they (the dogs, I mean, hehe) need to go out in the middle of the night, yargs.

    • 🙂 Sometimes I just avoid glancing at them when I’m eating something because they’ve mastered the art of looking pitifully hungry, haha.

  3. I so recognise the comments about Bruno. I love doxies; grew up with one after another (in total, I outlived 5 of them). Would love to have one of my own, but my personal situation just does not allow it (full-time job). My doxies acted like a vacuum cleaner on steroids when we even let the peel of a raw potatoe drop on the floor!

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