Ta-yeerd Days and Mondays

Last Friday, after a really looong workweek, I came home, sat down for a late dinner and found I only had enough strength to raise a breadstick to my mouth, haha. So I took one from what is supposedly the dogs’ jar of treats (I know, I know) and munched on that, lazily chewing every 10 seconds or so.

The dogs kept nudging me, trying to wake me up (I wasn’t asleep!) and I caught myself staring, slack-jawed, into space. Stretching my aching back, I looked over at the Mr. and for a brief moment I felt a strong desire to ditch him for a masseur.

Whoo-hoo, was I tired.  

This weekend, I chose to read other blogs instead of writing my own posts because those tech companies have yet to invent a laptop that I can type on while I’m lying down. I did manage to finish a book. My ultra-light choice for the weekend: Marley, A Dog Like No Other which is Marley & Me adapted for kids. It was either that or a novel featuring innocent maidens with heaving bosoms and darkly handsome pirates on steroids, rrawrr.

Now it’s Monday morning where I am and I’m in semi-panic mode because within a few hours I have to be at work and I no longer have time for all the chores that I ignored during the weekend. Will someone please legislate another day between Sunday and Monday? Or make all Mondays holidays?

I need a picker-upper. I need something that makes Mondays, or should I say dreading Mondays, sound like fun. Because I am sooo Eighties (yes, I am), I need The Bangles. 🙂

20 thoughts on “Ta-yeerd Days and Mondays

  1. Saturday and Sunday is just not enough time to get some down time and tackle that ever growing To Do List. Sometimes I just say screw it and take some time for myself and get out and do something more fun than housework. I can deal with my own filth for a few more days if necessary, especially if it keeps me more in balance. Sometimes you just have to listen to your body and surrender to it or you just may end up sick and that is worse than lazying on the couch for a few hours or more. Hang in there and take care.

  2. I’m all for legislating an extra day for the weekend. Let’s call that extra day Funday in honor of the Bangles! Hooray for the 80’s! 🙂 I am currently listening to Mike Francis’ “Let Me In”, dance decades version. Hahaha.

  3. I think the expectations that we have for ourselves (and each other) are not just unrealistic- they are destructive to our humanity. Work hard at work, keep the home spotless, enjoy recreational time with your family. You worked hard and was tired. Taking it easy makes sense to me.

    • It’s a good thing, too, that my dogs are so low-maintenance (relationship-wise, for they are very demanding with walks, haha) and seem to be content just to lie down at my feet when I don’t feel like doing anything. 🙂

  4. I alternately switch from busying myself on weekdends doing things i HAVE to do, and doing only stuff I WANT to do the next weekend. At least when I have those weekends, I actually feel refreshed on Mondays 🙂 OR, tire myself out ceaselessly during the weekdays and just laze all weekend long 🙂 The life 🙂

    • That’s actually a great idea! I have to look into the list of things I have to do regularly to see if I can work it out like that because seriously, I would love to be able to that. 🙂 Thanks, Clarissa!

  5. Hey, this is a story of my life too! I drag my sorry a$$ home every Friday, dreaming to get to bed and just sleep… and Saturday and Sunday I am doing my best not to be at home, so that I will not have to clean, wash, cook, iron..and then comes Monday, and I just wonder why don’t we have Mondays off…

  6. Try this song. It might help. It might not be the 80’s but the outfits are close and shuffling is just a slight evolution of the running man which is from the 90’s. (if the video doesn’t show up click this link, http://youtu.be/KQ6zr6kCPj8)
    But you know what picks me up on mondays? Blasting my iPod up or pandora and imagine I’m in a music video as I prep for the day. One time, Gary V’s “Di bale na lang kaya” worked really well.

  7. I could not agree more with getting one additional day in the week for the “work of life” since the weekend should be enjoyed and not spent busting our humps doing chores. Who shall we speak to about this change?

  8. I hate Mondays. It’s like a good Saturday night gone sour. I don’t know who cursed Monday, but I don’t even like holidays that fall on Monday. Oh well, who am I to hate. I should write a letter of apology to Monday after this.

  9. I love The Bangles’ Manic Monday! And where I am it’s only Sunday morning, so I have a whole day ahead of me to spend time dreading tomorrow morning.

    • Ack, it’s almost Sunday midnight here so I only have a few more hours of ‘complete freedom’ to go, haha. Thanks for dropping by and enjoy what’s left of the weekend. 🙂

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