Pretty Lost

Alas, it seems there is at least one in every pageant…

“My idol is Queen Cleopatra.

Because she loved not only her country but the entire Egypt as well.”

~ beauty pageant contestant, during the Q & A portion

Ehehe. 🙂

(image from Wikipedia)

9 thoughts on “Pretty Lost

  1. lol Sadly IQ and general knowledge are not part of the “whole package” that apparently Miss’s represent…

    • The weird thing is, their answers are often already rehearsed. So it probably took an, uh, entire team to come up with that answer, too, haha.

  2. Wasn’t queen Cleopatra the one who was draining the resources of her country on countless parties, the one who changed young lovers ever day and had them killed after the night of bodily pleasures, the one who slept herself out of war with two roman emperors.. she was quite a model, queen Cleopatra… and very famous woman.. but not for her love to Egypt

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