Losing My Connection

A week ago, a typhoon roared through my city, rotated our tiny internet antenna 180° and left us with no web connection for five days.

Five days.  No email, no Twitter, no Google+, no feed readers, no blogs. (We were lucky, though, for so many others were left with no houses.)

I called our internet service provider for repairs. They were swamped with similar requests and could not send anyone until Sunday. I kept sighing audibly over the phone but the customer service agent outperformed me with her really, really sorrys that I almost gave her penance. So I thought I might as well make the best of my state of disconnection.

(On Wednesday, I came across a faint signal somewhere, received Renee’s tweet about a Versatile Blogger Award — thanks, Renee!— and managed to visit a few sites until my free-wifi paranoia took over, haha.)

I took lots of ‘practice pictures’. I cleaned house, played with the dogs, spent an afternoon rearranging furniture, read and finished a couple of ebooks. On Saturday night, the Mr. & I shared a bottle of wine and talked about bringing clothes and foodstuff for the typhoon relief drive. (If you’re thinking of helping out, the Philippine Red Cross and GMA Kapuso Foundation are among the legit institutions accepting donations. Thanks!)

Finally…finally! On Sunday, a repairman with the dexterity and body mass index of a Chinese acrobat climbed the pole where the antenna is attached, twisted the antenna like so and brought me back online. He left looking a bit disappointed that he did not get to use the impressive-looking test gadgets in his arsenal. But oh happy day.

So what did I miss in being off the net? For one, there was the super exciting news about the new Amazon Kindle models. (Bear with me, I am a nerd.) There was also another show of web luv for my blog, this time from Rumpydog. My lack of connection only delayed the inevitable swelling of my head, haha. (Hugs, Rumps!)

Then there was this dinner last Friday organized by a friend who I hadn’t seen in months. She sent general invitations by email which I missed, of course. So on Friday, while the girls were having a great time, I was playing Sudoku by my lonesome.

Ah, interwebs, how can I not miss you? You keep me connected, you entertain me, you help me find new friends and learn new things, you make me think, empathize, write, laugh. And when I turn my back on you for a few days, you take your revenge by overwhelming me with unread email and RSS feeds.

So now why don’t we pick up where we left off? Got any similar offline-against-my-will stories? 🙂

10 thoughts on “Losing My Connection

  1. Yes, welcome back and hope you are getting back to normal. Take Care & Sending thoughts and prayers to you and the people in your community.

  2. To think I spent the better part of my life without Internet. How on earth did we ever manage? The thought of needing to find something and not being able to google it? Shudder.

    • I LOVED doing my research on the library back when I was in college (nerdy, nerdy) but I do like the ease of finding the info I need via google. When I was offline, I missed Twitter the most because I wanted to tweet all the time about not being able to tweet, haha.

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