Weekday Links No. 3

(Here are about two weeks’ worth of web stuff from readers and elsewhere around the web. I hope you find something you like.)


Let me link to this post before Freshly-Pressed does. The original Windows Photo Gallery.:)

Admit it, we can all do with lessons on the proper usage of punctuation marks, such as the comma. Stef makes it easy. Bookmarked.

The i-Wood.  For kids, but you’ll want one, too.

Or maybe you’d rather play outdoors. Renee issues a challenge.

For even more inspiration, here’s someone who channeled the Energizer and had a great summer.

I don’t laugh at people who are scared. But I made an exception for this, mwaha! (via swiss-miss)

But I don’t think I’ll laugh as heartily if my kitchen were as small as this. Although wouldn’t that be kind of cool?

Speaking of cool (and nerdy): Lego. Here’s a full-sized SUV made entirely out of it.

And finally, of course, Steve.  An Apple engineer expressed what millions of us wanted to say,

”Come on…one more thing…”.

10 thoughts on “Weekday Links No. 3

  1. Love your weekday links – sometimes we need to be challenged to go outside and play:) The i-Wood and the Micro Kitchen – awesome!

  2. hi tita buds, i enjoyed the photos of those “really, really scared people.”

    who knows, the ‘fear face’ might be the next “in” thing after the ‘duck face’ bwahahaha.

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