Weekday Links No. 3

(Here are about two weeks’ worth of web stuff from readers and elsewhere around the web. I hope you find something you like.)


Let me link to this post before Freshly-Pressed does. The original Windows Photo Gallery. ๐Ÿ™‚

Admit it, we can all do with lessons on the proper usage of punctuation marks, such as the comma. Stef makes it easy.ย Bookmarked.

The i-Wood. ย For kids, but you’ll want one, too.

Or maybe you’d rather play outdoors. Renee issues a challenge.

For even more inspiration, here’s someone who channeled the Energizer and hadย a great summer.

I don’t laugh at people who are scared. But I made an exception for this, mwaha! (via swiss-miss)

But I don’t think I’ll laugh as heartily if my kitchen were as small as this. Although wouldn’t that be kind of cool?

Speaking of cool (and nerdy): Lego. Here’s a full-sized SUV made entirely out of it.

And finally, of course,ย Steve. ย An Apple engineer expressed what millions of us wanted to say,

”Come on…one more thing…”.

10 thoughts on “Weekday Links No. 3

  1. Love your weekday links – sometimes we need to be challenged to go outside and play:) The i-Wood and the Micro Kitchen – awesome!

  2. hi tita buds, i enjoyed the photos of those “really, really scared people.”

    who knows, the ‘fear face’ might be the next “in” thing after the ‘duck face’ bwahahaha.

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