My Dino-Phone

Some of you who read my About page must have wondered if indeed I “haven’t replaced my Nokia phone since 2006”. Well, as infomercials say, wonder no more! Behold my cellphone:

I bought it back in the good old days, when a cellphone with a colored screen, a camera, bluetooth, 3G broadband capacity, an mp3 player and a memory card (upgradable to an astonishing 1 gigabyte!) was already considered state-of-the-art. I was so proud of my phone and relished every opportunity to whip it out of my bag.

Nowadays when I do that, my friends with their blackberries, apples, galaxies and desires try to look away. Completely understandable, for who in this smartphone-crazy, status-conscious city still has a cellphone like mine?

Look, it’s thicker than a Kindle!

…or an iPod touch. With a silicone case.

It’s even thicker than … a beef bouillon.

Now I’m no techno-slouch. Gadgets occupy my mind the same way beauty queens dream of world peace. Never a week goes by that I don’t get an urge to rush to the telecom store and get myself a spanking new geniusphone — one that I can tap, swipe, pinch, surf on, sing with and even speak to.  I’ve gone to such a store more than a couple of times. But each time, I left empty-handed, having convinced myself once again that I don’t need to replace my lovely, albeit jurassic, phone.

Let  me count the whys.

  1. It still works.
  2. I’ve had it for so long that my fingers have memorized the keypad and I can ‘blind text’ complete words and sentences.
  3. Its smooth body feels good in my hand and the keypad is just the right size for my stubby fingers.
  4. It is durable. It has survived several accidental drops and outlasted three chargers.
  5. Its ‘age’ has made it the kind of phone that one can safely flaunt on the streets of a crime-infested neighborhood. The fact that it does not have a touchpad makes it a ridiculous thing to swipe.
  6. I’m cheap.
  7. I’m a sentimental fool who can’t part with her gadgets easily. (My first cellphone — also a Nokia — and I were together from 2001-2006. We had a monochromatic relationship although it would not let me win in Snake.)

So I guess I’m not yet ready to retire my almost six-year-old cellphone. Despite the fact that sometimes it refuses to receive text messages, I’ll probably be calling and texting on it until it draws its last charge. Till then, phone heaven can wait.

37 thoughts on “My Dino-Phone

  1. Oh! You’re phone is still looking amazing (considering the fact that it was from 2006). I have a hard time parting with my gadgets too. My first cellphone was a Nokia 1100 and I almost cried when I had to give it to my brother because they’re buying me a new phone. I was torn so torn apart it took me weeks to agree to them.

    My previous cellphones doesn’t look as good as yours. Two years in our relationship and they become suicidal, they almost always drop from great heights! Pero subok na matibay, mga tumatagal naman sakin 3-4 years, hehehe. Kahit nga sira, ayoko pa rin i-let go. 🙂

  2. So funny, I was just talking to a friend of mine who also didn’t want to let go of her dino phone. I have to say, though, that these dino phones sure last a lot longer than my fancy iPhone. My last iPhone was practically dead (freezing, no battery life) within two years so I was forced to replace it.

    But before my iPhone, I had a tiny little clam phone. I remember the sales associates tried to sell me on the fancy phones but I would have none of it. I didn’t even want a camera! Now my phone can practically make me dinner.

    • Is it true that the 4s’ new Siri feature can even book your travel for you? Phones have come a long way! (and some of us are far from catching up, hehe)

    • Hehe, I was taking pictures near the kitchen window when I saw the Knorr box. I really did not expect my phone to be thicker than the bouillon. 🙂

  3. Bouillon pala tawag diyan sa mga Knorr? Ngayon ko lang yan nalaman ah! Hahahaha!

    Sometimes, the old dino phones are better than the new ones in the market. Their battery life is days/weeks better than those androids,Iphones,blah. For purely text and call, there is no reason why you need to replace your old dino! 😀

    • Ayan, now you know bouillon, hehe. Yup, the long battery life is another thing I like about my ancient phone. Huwag lang ma-phase-out ang baterya nito sa kalumaan ng model, haha.

  4. Don’t surrender to the hype (that’s from a woman who changes smartphones every 6 months, and is bullied for that by her hubby). The touch-screen phones are not better. I actually had (had!!! yeah!!) to buy a phone with a keyboard, because I need to feel the buttons under my fingers… The new phones are not smaller (you can look up the size of HTC Desire Pro, which the undersigned is owning), they are huge. I think the tendency goes now towards bigger phones (look at the latest Dell creation, it’s like an iPad in size). Keep your lovely little phone. If not anything, at least you are original, and there are very (VERY!!!) few people with the phone like yours 😉

    • I was at a meeting this morning and I was the only one that had a cellphone without a touchpad. Which was fine because I could ‘blind text’ secretly under the table. 🙂

  5. hah! your phone is older than mine…I’m glad that I’m not the only one who’s not ready to let go of my cellphone, I have Nokia 6120 since 2007…and pretty much I have the same reason why I’m not buying a new one…my hands are small so I really don’t think that getting a new phone which is as big as my hand is a good idea, had the battery changed and memory card this year lang…
    great job to our cellphones! cheers!

  6. Good for you! Because I have fallen prey to this. That’s how I acquired my blackberry. Of course add peer pressure to that (and nursing a broken heart that could’ve easily been pacified with a 6-pack beer). Don’t worry, I regret it. I try to make up for it by taking gratuitous pictures of myself. :p

    People who constantly upgrade their phones are being impractical. I don’t think it’s about necessity any more than it is a concern where they stack up in the social status. People own pieces of technology that are redundant. If you put the latest phones and computers and smart pads next to each other, tell me what one can do that the other can’t accomplish. So tell me why you need to compress everything your laptop can do in a microscopic gadget, so thin it makes my liner seem like a maxi pad. Sure, one may argue about portability, but then again, why? Why can’t your tweets wait until you get home and you’re sitting in front of your computer? Why the need to update me with your latest lipstick as you make a sorry Angelina Jolie impression? And the world doesn’t have to know that you’re bored. So unless you’re some high powered business man, the president of the world or a Steve Jobs reincarnate, then I guess it’s ok if you get a little behind in the cellphone department.

    Here’s a funny, spot-on irony that a CNN writer pointed out; while the Occupy Wall Street activists raise their fists in anger for being so poor and jobless, the other hand is busy updating their tweets using their $400 piece of technology. Now isn’t that quite a chin scratcher?

    Hay, tumatanda na nga yata ako. hehehe. I’m sorry for rambling.

  7. PS, Nakita ko sa Anderson Cooper, meron syang attachment para sa iPhone na mukhang sinaunang phone (kagaya ng nasa photo mo). I guess instead na headseat, handset ng rotary phone. ang astig.

  8. old school tita buds! i love it! i can still remember my first cellphone way back HS, trium! (with pink case) :p

  9. i’m still using the same nokia phone which i bought for less than P5K (hulugan pa) a few years back. it’s still working and i have no plans to switch phone loyalties just yet.

    speaking of iphones and the what have you’s out there, i had to update my facebook status (which i rarely do) the day when mr. jobs’ death was announced. i was alarmed – ako lang yata ang hindi nagdadalamhati sabi ko sa sarili ko. Kaya ang pinost ko ay ganito – ako nalang ba ang hindi gumagamit ng iphone, ipad, ipod, itunes at macbook? sa awa ng diyos, 3 lang ang umamin na hindi pa sila nakakagamit ng mga gadgets na ito.

    ang ending? i realized i should be way up there in the endangered species list. let’s hope that conservation groups will now think of ways to protect and conserve our kind.

    teka, should we expect an award as well for being earth-friendly? hmmmm.

  10. I have the same dino-phone! I had it till last year with my Dutch mobile line; I just love it! I now still use with my Argie mobile phone line, so it goes everywhere with me. It has now two younger and apparently smarter siblings, but I just can’t let my old Nokia go…

  11. i remember the rotary phone and how we would loosen the screws so that the pesky neighborhood soshalera (who was so fond of hopping over for her telebabad session) would freak out whenever she lifted (not just the receiver but ) the phone :p

  12. I thought I was the only one without a shnazzy iPhone. And really, I’m annoyed. I purchased my phone last year just months before the iPhone came out but the customer service guy totally talked me into the Palm Pre, and now I can’t upgrade until NEXT August. What a pain! Oh well.

    LMAO! This post made me laugh though–thicker than a beef bouillon! And honestly? I’ve noticed the older phones actually WORK better than the new ones. I think the focus on those is to make it as a app friendly as possible making it virtually impossible to, I dunno, PLACE A DAMN PHONE CALL!

  13. I think that’s the same as my ‘phone – but I still consider it ‘new’ having been given it by T-Mobile as a reward for customer loyalty only about eighteen months ago.
    Still, I am very tempted by an i-phone…

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  16. Your desire to keep your old phone is understandable – you offer several humorous and reasonable reasons for doing so. I have a TV that I’d love to replace. We bought it in 2000. It’s a huge clunker. But, by golly, it works. For that reason alone, it stays.

  17. I just bought (actually, a friend gave it to me) a new iphone. It’s the first time I’ve ever had an intelligent phone. All my other ones looked a lot like yours; not so intelligent. How do I feel about it?

    Well, surprisingly, good. Real gooood. I’m not gonna try and convert you, cause I get where you’re coming from. But then again, on the flip side, it’s nice knowing what the weather’s going to be, where ever you are.

    Cool post, mate.

    • Thank you! What’s NOT cool is the way I didn’t respond to your comment outright. 🙂 Sorry about that.

      I do have an iPhone now (sshh, it’s also a gift) and yes, I like all the things it can do (I’ve been ‘converted’, hah). But my dino-phone’s still here and I have no plans of letting it go yet despite the fact that it dies every 4 hours. 😀

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