Drool Day: San Iker

OK, guy readers, look away. Seriously, look away NOW! For if you continue reading, you might never visit this blog again.

Fine. Since I believe I’ve given you fair warning (both here and in my About page, heh) and you still insist on staying, you must now begrudge me this girly moment. I’m just so overwhelmed, you see, that apparently he wants me.

(Yes, you Buds. Here. Now.)


What, you thought Drool Days would always be about bikes and rooms and Harry Potter posters? Tsk, tsk. Boys, that’s not how the mind of a woman works! (Although we don’t really say tsk,tsk in real life.)

Alright, end of moment. Sorry about that.

Now where’s that picture of Rafa Nadal? I should post that next, haha. 😉

(image from Iker Casillas's Official Facebook page)

20 thoughts on “Drool Day: San Iker

  1. Tssk, tsk, buds! 🙂
    I couldn’t sleep and decided to pay a visit here … wisest decision ever! Going back to sleep with smile on my face O:-)

    Buenas noches ….

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  4. ha ha ha. casillas is definitely pretty… i agree. though, having lived in barcelona for five years with a husband who HATES real madrid, i’m not really allowed to say it out loud… 🙂

    • Hah, well, your secret’s safe here. 😉 I’m a Barca fan, too, esp on account of David Villa & Messi. Every El Clasico is heart-rending, haha, but I always find myself hoping that no ball gets past Iker, so Real Madrid it is. 😀

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