How do you feel about this chair? Hate it, like it, ‘oh-that’s-so-cute’ it?

Don’t laugh now but that, my dearies, is the new reading chair of middle-aged me.

What the what?


I did not buy it myself, of course. I’m no Katy Perry and could never spend money on something as frivolous as that. Boring story, but some generous souls (ok, longtime clients of the Mr. and they’ve grown fond of him, apparently) recently sent it over for the, ahem, long-suffering wife. 😉

Yes, it’s a quirky, very silly chair. It’s red, too, which is like WAAAH !!!. But I fell in crush instantly. We hauled it up to my reading corner and I’ve since found out that it’s NOT very friendly on the butt end of things (thus the extra pillow). But my vertically-challenged self fits in it perfectly and when I sit on it with my legs folded under me and lean on that “thumb” just so, I feel like Jessica Lange/Naomi Watts in King Kong.

41 thoughts on “Frivoliteh

  1. it’s cool, but it’s a kind of furniture I’d feel is very nice and cool in the store but I’d never buy home. But the most important part is that YOU like it

  2. We have a blue one in the attic! Alas, no one finds it comfortable and my mother is not fond of it decor-wise, so there it resides until it gets a home of its own.

    • Chimmy said the same thing, hekhek. Unfortunately they’re not or it could’ve come in ‘handy’ when the Mr. & I argue, hahaha. Wordless! 😉

  3. It’s an AWESOME reading chair. If I found that in the living room I’d think I won the lottery. May you have loads and loads of happy and relaxed hours there 😀

  4. Looks really comfy! Though sat in it I mighyt feel a bit like a the girl in King Kong when the big gorilla is grabbing me!


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  7. I crush it too!! OMG awesome things in one corner, cool nung Hola Guapa! And it matches with the lamp and the journal. If I would a have a corner in my house, it would look like this 🙂

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