Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

A note: I initially thought of posting pictures of grander windows, from those found in an emir’s palace and a cathedral by Gaudi. But I chose to go with the simple, the familiar and the image of the first things I see when I visit my parent’s home. These are a row of windows looking out to my mother’s garden. Someday I will blog about all the good things that she grows there.


My Weekly Photo Challenge Posts So Far:

23 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Windows

    • Thanks, Alison. I had a picture of a stained glass church window, too, but after seeing your photo of a really grand one, I was like, ‘Oh’.

  1. I like your shot from the perspective you took how the windows open up and the brick work beneath. They are very special windows too since they show your eyes the way to your Mother’s garden. I enjoyed this post because not only is it an interesting picture for the windows challenge it is special to you in another way!

    • Thank you very much for visiting my blog and for your thoughtful comment. Every time I visit, my mother makes it a point to show me the latest ‘improvements’ on her garden (she’s very proud of it), so it was indeed the way I feel about the photo that made me choose it. 🙂 Thanks again!

  2. I love this photo. For two reasons 1) it’s a beautiful and unique photograph. 2) when I read why you choose this one, it physically warmed my heart.

    Thank you sharing a piece of you.

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