There is no such thing as a thanksgiving day in the Philippines. What we have are separate fiestas that celebrate the bountiful harvest and produce of various towns. There’s also Eidul Fitr, a day of thanksgiving for our Muslim countrymen. But no national thanksgiving day.

And that’s too bad because we’d do well to have one. Most of us for most of the year are unforgiving of ourselves and of others, cynical about systems and what-have-yous, and suspicious of our government and that traffic light that turns red every time we’re almost at the intersection. Some even make a daily living out of being snarky (morning AM radio, anyone?).  A day to break away from all that will be a blessed relief.

There’s Christmas, of course. But admit it, we’ve come to see it more and more as a day of presents, when we need to give, receive and have something material to celebrate. We need a day when no gifts are expected but there’s a collective hankering to be with family and friends for a feast, a simple dinner or maybe a snack at Jollibee. We need to celebrate a day that requires nothing more of us than a spirit of gratitude and appreciation for one another and for every intangible good thing that we have.

But even without an official proclamation, we can still choose to focus on gratitude today or whenever or everyday.  I’m talking real gratitude and not empty thank yous — for friends and/or family (of whatever ‘configuration’), for loved pets and good neighbors, good health, good humor and even that crappy part-time job that’s nevertheless tiding you over. Life is better lived in appreciation and gratitude. Even when you do make a nice living out of snark.

So, how about it? What are you thankful for?


To this blog’s readers in the USA, happy thanksgiving day to you! And to everyone, thank you for including this little blog in your daily/weekly/monthly reading list. It’s been a wonderful three months. The online friendships I now have with some of you are no less satisfying than my ‘real life’ ones and your  encouragement and words of appreciation are very much “Liked”. Salamat. 🙂


(Pictured above are bunches of lanzones, pronounced lan-ZO-nes, from Camiguin. So sweet, they were brought to us with ants crawling all over them, I swear.)

22 thoughts on “Pasasalamat

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too! It is nice to have a day to remind you to stop and think about what you do have, when it’s often easy to focus on what you don’t have.

    • Like how Mothers’ Day works, right? If we were left alone to decide when to thank our mothers or bring them flowers, lots of us will probably not get around to it at all. So, I’m really hoping we also get a day for thanksgiving over here. Maybe I should just run for president or something, haha.
      Thanks, Alison.

  2. A holiday would be nice, but the truth is that gratitude must be cultivated. It is a choice we each must make- to be grateful for having life, for having love, for having the sunrise each day and the ability to feel the wind on our skin.

    We have a holiday here in the US, and yet there are just as many people focused on shopping for bargains tomorrow (and today, many stores are open) as they are focused on the meaning behind the holiday.

    Each day I get to choose how I will face the day. I wish I could say that I choose to face it with a grateful heart, but I don’t. But on the days I do choose to be grateful, I do feel truly blessed.

    • That’s kind of the secret, isn’t it? We can choose our attitude everyday and our choice affects not only ourselves but other people. But I agree that we can’t always have that attitude, because sometimes things are really just not going our way. That’s the time for a little walk and big sigh. 😀

  3. Well since you don’t have an “Official Thanksgiving”, you are more than welcome to celebrate Thanksgiving with the USA or any day you really just need to take a break and say “Thank you” or “I appreciate this or that in my life”.

    I’m glad to be a follower of your blog!

    • Thank you, Cee. I, too, am a glass half-full type of person, although sometimes I think it’s actually full because the rest is filled with hot air. 😉

  4. Happy Thanksgiving! Even if we don’t have such a day in Spain, I am thankful today for lots of things: my family and friends, who are always there even if I am too busy; for my old dog Tara, cos she always cheers me up; for my sweet and caring boyfriend; for having a job in a country which unemployment rate is indecently high…

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us! xx

  5. Hello titabuds – Yey for new domain! But now i can’t access your site via our office internet. Good thing there are smartphones now. Happy weekend! 🙂

    • That was just a ‘test run’, but good of you to notice it. Hey, if you’re still having problems accessing my blog, please let me know? Thanks!

  6. It´d be nice to have a special day to dedicate to give thanks for all that we have received during the year. I know it’s something that one should do every step of the way, but somehow, we tend to concentrate on all the bad things… even when sometimes those bad things that happen to us bring about a least a little good as well – making you more sensitive to the suffering of those around you, or bringing about you people that are eager to offer their comfort and help. I am mostly thankful for that, I think. Every time I´ve been sad or going through some difficulty, I’ve found someone next to me…
    Happy Thanksgiving!!

    • We sometimes take that for granted, don’t we — the comfort brought by family and friends. Another reason why I think we here need a day other than Christmas for family togetherness, is that on Christmas, we almost always focus on the children (because they must have presents and all that), while neglecting the adult relationships we have.
      Have a great weekend ahead, Aledys! 🙂

  7. Lovely, feel good post thanks! Yr right, so many things to be thankful for… A decent job, good health, my family, living in a country where things are pretty relaxed despite the chaos that seems to reign everywhere… We rarely stop to acknowledge our luck, which is a shame!

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