A Bit of Housekeeping

Hi, everyone! Just a note. In a few hours, this blog will start using the URL


Those of you who subscribed via email or WordPress don’t have to do anything because your subscriptions are automatically redirected to the new URL. But the 5 or so of you (that many!) who subscribed via feed readers such as Google Reader, Feedburner or BlogLovin’, might have to make that tiny bit of adjustment to your links if you still want to continue receiving notifications of new posts from moi.

I am still with wordpress.com. There’s no reason to leave — the community is wonderful and so is staff support (Happiness Engineers truly). 🙂 I’m just doing this for 2 reasons:

  1. My 70-year-old mother, my aunts and their friends cannot remember my current URL. (What are you doing on a woodpress?) Ergo, she has not even seen my post featuring her windows. With my new web address, I’m sure she can now answer her friends who ask how her third child is doing, ‘She works for such-and-such and she has a dotcom’. Thus making it sound as if she can now have cocktails with Zuckerberg’s mother, haha.
  2. Vanity, plain and simple. I want a shorter and better watermark. I do tend to wade on the shallow side of the waters, but you know that already.

So, see you later?

Oh wait, for those who still associate me with flowers and those cotton ear things, Buds rhymes with goods, hoods and foods. 😀



(You may email me at titabuds(at)gmail(dot)com if you have any questions about getting your own wordpress.com domain.)

22 thoughts on “A Bit of Housekeeping

      • Great!!! My mum doesn´t have a Facebook account yet… but she loves using the internet, chatting, video-calling and… texting!!! She loves texting! When she gets together with her sisters (younger than her) they always complain that she´s texting all the time instead of talking… My mum in turn complains that neither of them can send text messgs with their mobiles or photos… 😀

  1. i hope my mom never knew of my blog site. nyahaha. congrats to the new dotcom. i’m still trying to talk myself into it…. but but but.. need to save for a DSRL. yay

  2. Much approval! Even though I’m subscribed I usually skip the email and come on the actual site. My silly browser didn’t bring up the site when I just typed Tita before but now it does. How lazy can I get eh?! Which reminds me to change the blog roll entry!

  3. Congrats on the fancy new domain! Funny enough, a couple of times I actually typed in titabuds.com while trying to navigate to your blog, so now here you are!

  4. Oops.. I also thought is was buds as in cotton buds.. heehee.. thanks for the clarification tita
    b(oo)ds! :))

  5. that’s totally cool 🙂 I’ve been thinking about this (having been nagged for the past how many months whenever i log in)! Hmmm. But i’m not ready yet, I think! Congratulations 🙂

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