Christmas Shopping at the ‘Tiangge’

Weeks before Christmas, bazaars (locally known as tiangge — pronounced “chang-ge”) become one of the more ubiquitous sights in the urban and town centers in the Philippines. A tiangge  is a group of stalls that are set up temporarily in open spaces or  sometimes permanently (and more conveniently) inside large, air-conditioned buildings. They are especially popular at this time of the year and during fiestas and festivals.

At tiangges, it can get noisy and crowded but one is sure to find a good bargain. Haggling is expected, of course and one is a fool to not even try. This is where more practical shoppers find Christmas gifts. Sports shirts that are “export over-runs”, women’s blouses and bags are constant bestsellers.

Now since all that bargaining can sap one’s energy, tiangges also include a few food stalls selling snacks and refreshments.

A couple of days ago, the Mr. & I checked out one such tiangge, the Grand Christmas Bazaar in Don Antonio. It’s in one of those air-conditioned places so shopping was comfortable enough. But what caught my eye immediately were the chandeliers. So posh! 😉

We went around to check out the merchandise and here are some that caught my eye:

{ earrings, neckpieces, trinkets }

                             { jeans }                                          { lovely, lovely bags by Love Handles }

{ pretty, frilly girls’ dresses }

{ toys, kidstuff and lots of angry birds! }

{ mini erasers }


All pictures were taken at the Grand Christmas Bazaar at The Big Tent, Holy Spirit Drive/Don Antonio, Quezon City. The bazaar will be open daily starting this Friday, December 16 until the 23rd, from 10 am – 10 pm, except on Dec. 22 (10 am-11pm) and Dec. 23 (10am-12 midnight).

Love Handles Bags (and cute pillows) are available at Shop BonTon.

32 thoughts on “Christmas Shopping at the ‘Tiangge’

  1. Wow this looks like such fun to peruse. Such a festive addition to the season. We have holiday markets in NYC, too, but they are not bargains by any stretch of the imagination.

    The chandeliers rock!

  2. Oh Dog! We don’t have anything like that in Tennessee. The closest thing we have is the flea market, and the quality of goods sold there isn’t near that good.

  3. Love it!! my girls loved seeing the Angry birds… they are so into it. And for me – ahhh! the mini erasers. I used to love collecting pencils and erasers back in the 80s. I still remember my Hello Kitty ones.

  4. can/should/must i expect mini chairs for christmas???? please!!! also, get a stashful of those angry birds for the christmas stockings. the kids will be here hehehe

  5. Very nicely set up even though it’s a temp structure. Here in NL we normally see Christmas markets in every city, town and village at this time of the year but the concept is different, I guess, since the articles for sale are mostly Christmas decorations. They’re very colourful and the atmosphere is quite festive.
    Did you find Good bargains at the tiangge, then?
    Saludos! 🙂

    • Hi, Aledys! So are we going to be reading about those Christmas fairs in your blog soon? 🙂

      I did find some good bargains. I took pictures of them but didn’t post because some family members (gift recipients) read this blog, hehe.

  6. Wow! Namiss ko mga Christmas tiangge. I remember I used to go to the one in Eastwood before it became the metropolis that it is now.

    • It’s become some sort of a unique ‘shopping’ tradition na in so short a time. I’m sure you’ll get to experience haggling again in a tiangge when you come home to visit. 🙂

  7. I love the mini erasers. I used to have some similar to that when I was little. They even smelled nice! Your tiangge look like a lot of fun. I always enjoy christmas markets, no matter the size.

  8. I went to Manila this week for a training! I am already here in Davao just this noon.

    It was my first time to go to divisoria last night and I must say that there really are good deals there as what the news say! I bought a clutch bag for just 50 pesos! Aside from that, also angry bird goodies as a present for my cousins for just 20 pesos! 🙂

    • I read your post, Mikhail. Glad you survived your first time alone in Manila, hehe.
      As for Divisoria, that place is crowded and noisy but the bargains to be had are unbelievable. So good of you to get pasalubongs for your cousins. 🙂

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