Madrid Extra: Vamos!

(First off, again, my apologies to the guys.)

Ahem…Sisters, girls, ladies and some gents:


 Yes, I did. I did! I finally did!

He’s gorgeous and golden and with ‘calves’ the size of small cattle! (Hehehe!)

It’s true, no one plays like he does — like the Devil on fiiyiire!

(Uh, isn’t the Devil always on fire?)


Cristiano Ronaldo was there, too, but this man wasn’t so let’s just concentrate on Rafa. 😉

Anyway, of course he won!

No, I didn’t get an autograph; he kept to the other side of the court. Security must have warned him about me the crazed tiny Asian with the camera. 😀

(I swear, had there been no possibility of being unceremoniously escorted out and deported for unruly behavior, I could have jumped over that barrier and qualified for the Olympics.)

I was sad to see him go.

Rafa!!!, I screamed. But no dice. He simply waved in my general direction and left.

Oh well…still… vamos, Rafa!

(Squee!) 😉


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20 thoughts on “Madrid Extra: Vamos!

    • He’s actually the kind of guy who, when he sees Real Madrid or Rafa playing on tv, would call out: ”Buds! It’s Iker! (or Rafa)”. Hahaha! (I guess, he thinks I’ll never forgive him if he doesn’t tell me. :D)

  1. Well Tita I love that I learn something about you each time you post! I may be a 60 year old gal but I have no trouble appreciating the second picture from the BOTTOM! And you are right about his calves. Tita I am so happy you were able to see him play, be right there. Good for you. I do not follow tennis, BUT that could change 🙂

  2. Ahahaha 🙂 Who wouldn’t want a crazed tiny Asian with a camera chasing them across a tennis court?! I mean, come on. He doesn’t know what he missed.

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