Drool Day: Bruno and Jigs Edition

Dear Human Mama,

While you’re taking your time sipping that coffee that you think tastes better than a Tasty Treat, we are taking over your blog. You see, we have a problem.

You know those pet ‘beds’ we’re supposed to sleep in? The ones that you think need to be washed often? Well, your washing them has made them not only un-smelly (which we hate), but worse, all clumpy and flat and twisted in the wrong places. That’s why we keep booting you out of your bed at night. (Really, Mama, try sleeping on the floor the whole day.)

So here’s the thing: we need new beds. And we’re now presenting you with these options. (Please note that they are all obviously easy to clean and will match our existing furniture — we know you love them matchy-matchy things).

1. The Vurv Dog Pod

Nice, huh? Check out that curved roof that makes it extra cozy. Look at that soft pad! Mama, if you give us that bed, we promise to treat you like you’re, uh, Zsa Zsa Gabor. (Yes, we watch you watching TCM.) Not that we want you to be Zsa Zsa Gabor. We love you, Mama.

2. The Pei Doggy Pod

It’s shaped like an egg, Mama, look! It will be perfect for us because we like sleeping curled up like a ball. And Mama, because it’s important to you, it really is very cute.

3. The Suite by Forma Italia

Ahh, if the Vurv Dog Pod will make us behave like ZsaZsa’s pets, this is gonna make us act like Cary Grant. You can even put a bow tie on us if you want. (Bruno: It also has enough space for a fully stretched-out, snoring, handsome dachshund!)

4. The Bowhaus by DenHaus

Jigs: I want this, I want this! Yip! Yip! It’s made of powder-coated steel and has doors. Doors, Mama! I have a fear of strangers, remember, so this is perfect for me! And it’s stylish enough that it can also serve as an end table where you can set down that mug of black liquid that you like so much. (Bruno: Stylish, Jigs? ‘Stylish’?)

So how about it, Human Mama?

With soooo much love, Bruno and Jigs


Dear Bruno and Jigs,

Sweeties, inasmuch as I’m already too old to offer myself as mistress to  the Sultan of Brunei, it’s either those beds or these:

(Woof! *SLURP!*)

I knew it. 😉


~ HM ~


(Product images from Vurv, Pei Pod, Forma Italia, and Denhaus; as featured on Dog Milk)

29 thoughts on “Drool Day: Bruno and Jigs Edition

  1. Those are all such stylish choices! I think they’d be wasted on my furry crew, though. Pippo has taken over our bed, night and day, and the cats have taken over the sofa and the bed in the guest room. I suspect they’d turn up their noses at anything actually designed for pets, no matter how elegant! 🙂

    • Hahaha. I guess pets are into ‘real estate’ because my doggies prefer the couch and the our bed, too, no matter how many times we boot them out. And they tend to take our blankets, too, aargh.

    • I don’t think your Sydney will fit into any of these! 😀 But yes, they all prefer the treats — such short-sighted little savages, hahaha.

  2. Hullo !

    My first time here. Such a hilarious post. Aww, your babies sound so cute and so stylish ! 🙂
    And I want the egg bed in the HUGE size.

    Was fun reading you 🙂


    • It seems most of us do, hehe.
      This must have been the designer’s own fantasy of a bed for humans, but thought it would be less ‘ridiculous’ for dogs. Too bad, huh. They should make it in human-size. :).

  3. There goes the panache. Hehe. 😀
    I hope you know I mean it as a compliment.
    Bwahahaha. I thought Bruno and Jigs would have to respond with Thank You notes.

  4. These are hilarious! Very cute post. Our Musey loves her Big Shrimpy Nest Bed if you are looking for something a little more in a normal price range. It’s soft microsuede material, and comes in lots of bright colors (we got green grass color – more fun than boring brown and tan that most dog beds are). Musey still kicks us out of bed at night though – nothing compares to our down comforter to her!

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