Seasons and Schedules

Because it is now officially Spring where most of you are but officially Summer where I am and officially Fall somewhere else (March is weird!), there seems to be a lot of busy-ness around. I recently found this excerpt from a collection of essays about gardening. For those of us who are busy preparing for the weeks ahead — spring cleaning! taxes! graduations! the obligatory ‘vacation’ with the entire (extended) family at an out-of-town beach! (whew!) — it’s a gentle reminder to take a breather. 🙂


~ from Gardening by Heart: The Extraordinary Gift of an Ordinary Garden  by Joyce McGreevy ~

“People have schedules.
Plants have cycles.”

“People will stay up late, get up early, skip meals, cut corners, drive too fast, and otherwise work themselves into a frenzy to get something done in less time.

Some people live their entire lives this way, rushing from one thing to the next, perpetually poised to seize the future.

Plants aren’t like that.”

“Oh sure, you can root prune a tomato plant to trick the fruit into ripening sooner. You can soak seeds overnight to hasten sprouting…

…But that’s all about human intervention.

Left to itself, a plant will take every day, every moment that it requires.

Plants know just what is meant by ‘the fullness of time’…” 


Have a relaxing Sunday everyone! 🙂


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15 thoughts on “Seasons and Schedules

  1. Wow! Love your insight! I especially liked the phrase “in the fullness of time.” I wish I had a bit of that “plant wisdom” so I can just let things be and submit to God’s “in the fullness of time”. :)) Was blessed by reading this!

  2. Lovely Tita! Plants just live in the moment and take their time to enjoy the outdoors. We need to do that too. Thanks Tita for the reminder. I am going to enjoy my Spring Sunday and you enjoy your summer!

    • We are all guilty of it from time to time (ok, most of the time) but that’s humans (and canines) for you. Good thing we have weekends. 🙂
      Thanks, Rumpy.

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