My Mini-Guide to Summer Fun in the Philippines

Since it is already summer over here and everyone is raring to go on weekend vacations, I’ve compiled my posts on a few domestic destinations and activities I tried during the past year. I hope it’ll help you plan your summer activities, whether you’re a fellow Pinoy or someone planning to visit my country.

(Please click the words in blue to go to each post.)

Nearby Tagaytay

Probably the most obvious and nearest summer destination for people from Metro Manila,   Tagaytay is primarily known for its cool weather and the magnificent views of Taal Volcano, the smallest active volcano in the world.

In Tagaytay, lunch and dinner can be had at one of several restaurants where you can enjoy both good food and a great view of Taal. We usually drop by Leslie’s for their steaming hot bulalo, a stew of beef shanks and bone marrow. (But if you’re craving pizza or tacos or steak or just a slice of pie with coffee, there are wonderful places for those, too.)

At the People’s Park at the Tagaytay Ridge, there’s a zipline that’s thrilling enough especially for beginners (and the view of Taal is hard to beat).

For those looking for a more relaxing time in a quiet place, I highly recommend at least an overnight stay at Balay Indang, a garden resort in Cavite. It is only a few minutes’ drive from Tagaytay’s Mendez market.

Raring for more adventure?

If you have an entire weekend free and want to enjoy more thrills with family and friends, I guarantee that there’s lots of fun to be had in the ‘adventure corridor’ of Mindanao.

There’s whitewater rafting in Cagayan de Oro City:

Such fun! (I’m on the 4th raft, by the way, heh.) Click here for more information.

After that, you can unleash your inner Darna/Super Islaw (haha) in Dahilayan, Bukidnon by riding the longest dual zipline in Asia.

840 meters!

You can also take a ferry to Camiguin and spend some glorious time on a white sand beach or just take time exploring the idyllic island province. (If you catch the earliest ferry trip, chances are you’ll also see a spectacular sunrise.)

You’ll need lots of body fuel for those adventures. Of course, you can always go to the usual fastfood joints but try to sample some of the area’s food and delicacies, too. They’re best enjoyed at the beach.

Now if you’d rather or really must stay at home, why not gather your friends on a weekend, and cook some sisig? If you make it extra spicy, it’ll be an adventure in itself. 😉

Enjoy your Philippine summer!


We are preparing for a trip to our hometown to observe Semana Santa (Holy Week) with family and friends. Tradition calls for a little peace & quiet and not too many ‘smileys’, heh. As such, I’ll be slowing down on the posting (again) this week. Hopefully the wi-fi in my parents’ home will be fast enough for me to be able to visit your blogs and maybe post something. Have a good week, everyone!

56 thoughts on “My Mini-Guide to Summer Fun in the Philippines

  1. What fun and creative places – love your photos too!!! Thanks for sharing. I could get into the ziplining and rafting for sure, but you know me love to adventure and explore. Happy Monday:)

  2. Wow, plenty of stuff to do in your homeland! Can’t wait to visit it soon! 🙂

    Have some great Easter Holidays!

    • Thanks, P.
      Please do try to visit my country. There really is much fun to be had here if one knows where to go. And if one is with the right guide, ahem. 🙂

  3. Have a great Holy Week!
    I’ve never been to the Philippines nor have I ever considered visiting there but this post may just change my mind 🙂 Well done! BTW the food on those pictures looks fresh and delicious.

    • Thanks, Ana!
      My country is usually not within the radar of those abroad. Maybe it’s partly because our culture is not considered as “Asian”/exotic as our neighbors like Vietnam & Thailand. I just try to “sell” it the way I see it so I’m really glad I’m making you consider it now, hehe.

      • It’s not that your country isn’t exotic enough (it is!) but it’s too far away from mine! (literally, we’re on opposite sides of the world) both geographically and in my mind (can’t explain it properly, though. Sorry 😦 ) You’ve bridged that distance somehow.

        • Thanks! Argentina is also a place I’ve wanted to see for years now but yes, it’s almost as far away from my country as Antarctica and going to it will entail months of planning (not to mention a lot of saving up, haha). I still dream of it, though, especially Patagonia. And the asado festivals. 😀

    • Yey! I’m glad I helped make you see it that way. 🙂
      There’s a lot of fun to be had here, although admittedly, the city is not a place where one can just walk around on a whim and see interesting things in almost every turn.
      But the countryside is beautiful and the people are friendly. 🙂 I do hope you can visit someday.

  4. I miss Tagaytay. That’s my quick getaway from the busyness in Manila or when I want to get out of my grandparents’ radar. hehe, but I think they caught on after a while, then they started tagging along…and surprisingly, it made it even more fun. Like you, we also frequented Lelie’s. But I am still yet to see Sonya’s Garden and dine at Antonio’s.

    You didn’t mention Mushroom Burger. hehehe

    • Ay, I haven’t been to Sonya’s or Antonio’s either. 🙂
      I’m not sure if there’s still a mushroom burger in Tagaytay. Natabunan na ata ng sandamakmak na restos & coffee shops (andami na nila). There are also a couple of malls (!) there now. So for some peace & quiet you either go on a weekday or to a garden resort or something. 🙂

      • WHAT!?!?!? I would be so upset if Mushroom Burger Left. 😦 But before I left for the US, ang anjan pa lang Leslie’s and Starbucks. Hindi ko alam na may mall na. tsk. nakakalungkot naman. I guess it’s suposed to be a good thing but it still makes me sad.

        • It’s there pa rin pala and still a crowd-drawer during weekends, but natabunan na nga ng hitsura ng swankier cafes. That area around Leslie’s? Punong-puno ng resto, videoke, bar & grill, etc. You’re right, Tagaytay is and looks very much like a city now and it is sad in a way.

  5. Tita Buds I am in awe of you! You can do some crazy and still be funny. Your Mom was so good to stand and watch on the observation deck as you screamed wheeeeeeeeeee barefoot. The whitewater rafting, such laughing~I think I caught a glimpse of you. I would have my hand on that beautiful door handle checking out the garden resort! Ooooo pastil and tortas 😀 You live in a beautiful place Tita! Enjoy your trip to your hometown Tita and have a great holiday. We are celebrating Holy Week here Under the Oaks being close to nature and we will travel to CH’s hometown to celebrate Easter with The Mama and his two brothers and their wives. Hope the wi-fi behaves! Mushroom burger I did just read????

    • Haha, yes, in Tagaytay there’s a fastfood/diner that became famous for their mushroom burgers which almost taste like ‘the real thing’.

      As for all the ‘adventuring’, it’s really just a matter of going and once there, realizing one has no choice but to just do it. Usually, it’s turned out to be a lot of fun for me, hehe.

      What a peaceful way for you to spend the Holy Week, and then to have a grand time celebrating Easter. I’m looking forward to your posts on that.:)

    • Thanks, Jas. No, I don’t really travel that much. But when I do, I try to tune-in to the place as much as possible so good memories will be plenty. 🙂

  6. Wonderful post! A friend of mine (probably you remember Nicolás, from the skating Christmas greeting cards/videos hehe) was in the Philippines a couple of years ago and he shared his adventures and photos. Since then, I’ve been always curious about your country and I would love to visit it one day!
    The views from Tagaytay must be magnificent and I think that I’d love to stay at Balay Indag, it looks wonderful.
    Have a nice Easter holiday!!

    • How can I forget the skating Nicolas? 🙂 It’s great that he’s been here and seems to have liked it.
      Oh, you’ll be very welcome here! Please do visit. I’m more than willing to trade tour guide duties for some alfajores, hehe.
      You enjoy Easter as well, Aledys, and thanks. 🙂

  7. The whitewater rafting video is such a riot! Haha. I wanna go to Tagaytay so badly. Almost went there once, but the trip ended up getting cancelled. Next year!

    • Haha, rafting was screaming fun! Hope you get to try it when you visit. Same with Tagaytay. It’s not far off from Manila so a daytrip is ok. There’s lots more to do there that I wasn’t able to cover. 🙂

  8. Hi Tita Buds, we are going to CDO and Camiguin on the first week of May. The trip is sponsored by our office. But all of us are planning to take a 2-day extension just to experience the whitewater rafting. Yahoo!

    • That’s great! Ay, ang saya. Just make sure to remember my tips, especially about eating a LOT before going rafting or you’ll end up really famished, haha. Have a great time, Jun! 🙂

  9. arrrghhh. this post makes me wanna go to tagaytay now na! i want some bulalo and tawilis!!! at mag-cake at coffee sa taal vista!

    belated happy easter, tita buds!

  10. Naalala ko nung bata pa ako, walang humpay na field trip sa Tagaytay, pero wala pa noong zipline. Gusto ko itry ang white water rafting, pero hindi kami masyadong friends ng tubig, gusto ko lang nags-swimming sa pool, hanggang tampisaw nga lang ako sa dagat, haha.

    Gusto ko din itry yung longest dual zipline, kasi para matagal akong kinakabahan, nung nag-zipline kasi kami sa Danao, Bohol, nabitin ako. 🙂

    Ang ganda ng mga pictures, sayang medyo busy this summer, hindi makalibot masyado, but there’s always next time, pasasaan pa’t mararating ko din itong mga suggestions mo.

    Thanks! Have a good day!

    • Meron na daw mas mahaba na zipline, sa Mindanao din ata. More than a kilometer! Pa-bongggahan na ito, hahaha.

      Hey, you should try whitewater rafting, it’s really thrilling but safe. You can go during the later part of the year naman because it’s almost always summer in Mindanao, hehe.
      Thanks for dropping by and for subscribing. 🙂

  11. This post made me miss Tagaytay. But what I miss more is a place just a little farther than Tagaytay, going to Nasugbu. The place is called Caleruega. I hope to visit the place again soon.

    By the way, I hope someday you’ll also be able to visit the Biri rock formations in Northern Samar. They’re truly magnificent. You can google it to see 😉 (Or puwede rin naman po makita ang mga pics sa blog ko hehehe. I have a category there that’s named Biri. Plugging na po ako hehe)

    • Yup, Caleruega is a nice place. My brother got married in a little chapel there. Medyo sasadyain lang talaga. 🙂

      The Biri rock formations are actually very interesting. I might have heard of them before but just saw pictures of them now through your blog. Ganda! That’d be a good place to explore, although I hope it’s easily accessible and won’t require me to do to much walking in humid weather, hehe. Thanks for dropping by. 🙂

  12. I finally got a chance to check out your blog more in-depth. It is so beautiful. I love these pictures of the Philippines. So pretty! A new place to add to my wander-lust list.

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