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Hi, everyone, today I am guest posting on the writing blog, Dodging Commas, in a series on the theme Inspired To Write.

I was asked last March by Stef if I wanted to contribute to the series. Of course I was thrilled and honored. AND intimidated — I don’t really think of myself as a writer and I consider the ‘blogging company’ that Stef keeps to be so far above my level in writing skillZ. 🙂 They are the types of born-with-it writers who produce lyrical, fluid prose that makes me sigh and wish I could write better. But because I blog, I guess I had become some sort of writer, too. So with the bravado of Thomas the Tank Engine, I accepted the invitation.

This is how Stef explains the series:

Writers love talking about inspiration. We like to moan when we aren’t inspired and we like to boast when that sudden rush of inspiration has just jolted our minds into action. Inspiration can come from many sources – we can be inspired by places, images, words, actions, music, current events … and we can be inspired by people.

I have approached the writers behind some of my favourite blogs to contribute to Dodging Commas on the theme Inspired to Write. This is an opportunity to showcase a favourite author, express gratitude to a teacher, or dote upon a friend or family member. Above all, it is a celebration of the people who started us on our creative journeys, the people who keep us going, and the people who inspire us to follow our passion.

(What did I tell you, the girl can write!)

My guest piece is titled Let the Sunshine In. (Yes, I am an Aquarian but no, it’s not about The Age of Aquarius.)  It is about why I write the way I do.

Please click here to go to Dodging Commas and read my guest post.

P.S.: When you get to a line that includes the words ‘appreciative audience’, please know that I am referring to you. And thank you.

29 thoughts on “Guest Posting

  1. Tita, you write with an ease that most writers lack. You are so good, I am a fan. I can’t do without your photos and I enjoy everything you have to say, whether it is about my favorite places on earth or a serious illness that plagues someone dear to you. Keep writing, spread lots of joy and I will continue to read what you write 🙂

  2. Quite a story you have. It’s no surprise that you had some articles on ink publications before. No matter how humble you get, I really think you are a legit, non-layman writer.

    It’s been a blast following your blog since.

    • Thank you, Rommel! In writing and other “thinking” pursuits that I enjoy, I try to set the bar a little higher for me so I always have something to work for. 🙂

  3. Really enjoyed reading your guest post. I’ve only started writing a couple of years ago and just last year seriously but I love it with a passion now!

  4. I just read your guest post. How could I miss it? Anyways, I made a comment there and thought I should also put it here:

    You never fail to make me laugh. I don’t know if it’s just me but most blogs I just tend to browse and stay if I like the picture or the title catches my attention. Some other blogs with bad (lighting) pictures, one minute into their posts make me feel heavy and makes me want to leave right away! Your blog isn’t in that category. Yours radiates enthusiasm, humor and positive energy that puts your reader at ease. It’s the kind I truly enjoy reading even without the pictures or funny caricatures. It’s the kind that makes people want to keep coming back for more. Come to think of it, it’s like reading a good book, you never want to put it down.

    I’m busy trying to be a good mom, wife and trying out everything at 35 (cooking, blogging, crafts, haha!) and I don’t have the luxury of time checking out all the blogs but your posts are something I look forward to. You have a very unique writing style and your silliness radiates in a very good, sincere way.

    Truly, the best things in life are free. Every morning, I just go to wordpress and I have different story-tellers for the day! Some blogs give me recipes while others inspire me to make something lovely with my felt fabrics. You – bring the sunshine in 🙂


    • Thank you very much for your bongga comment, Marryl!
      I was down with the flu when I read it and it made me feel so good that I needn’t have taken Biogesic, hahaha. But really, thanks. 🙂
      Your blog is lovely and elegant and you know that I like it a lot, right?
      I sent you an email, btw, maybe it got into your spam folder.

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