The What of Whatsit

Remember the little guessing game we had earlier this week? Today, it’s time for the little reveal. Here’s that picture of the item again:

Were you able to guess what it is? My sisters and brother say they can’t make heads or tails of it and Kid Bro says I should have allowed comments, hehe. For the record, I showed it to them months ago and their reactions were all along the lines of How Silly Can You Get? which makes this Whatsit perfect for this blog. 😀

Ok, here it is from another angle:

See those words? They should now clue you in on the purpose of this little wooden contraption, hehe. So…tadah!

Yes, super friends, it’s a book clip!

A what? A book clip!

Designed to give you a Happy Reading Life (hehe), it is weighted to help you hold down those pages when there’s a slight draft and you’re nursing a cup of coffee between your hands or you’re just too lazy to hold down those pages yourself.

Ah, basta, it has a use, hahaha!


I found it in a shop that sells little gewgaws and desk supplies from Japan (the world capital of everyday ingenuity, don’t you think?). I snapped it up immediately because I love cute, red thingamajigs.

The truth is, all it’s really good for is keeping a magazine open. When I tried it on a paperback once, it catapulted to the other side like some untethered miniature medieval weapon, made a huge thump on the dinner table and gave Jigs a fright.

Apparently, the strength of a pirate’s pecs and virility in a historical romance novel is too much for it. 😉


To those who put some thought into this silly thing, did you guess right?

33 thoughts on “The What of Whatsit

  1. Hahaha! This was what I was waiting for since you promised you’d tell us on Friday. I have one like this, Tita Buds, and if you had allowed comments I would have spoiled the surprise! Mine was a green one given by a friend when she went to Singapore. When I got it, I could not help but gush over it as it was so cute! 😉

    • Nyeh! It’s a good thing then that I closed the comments, hehe, although I was thinking of my siblings spoiling the game when I did that. 😀
      I got mine from Saizen and when I went back last time, it wasn’t available anymore.

      • It really is a one-of-a-kind contraption! I did not use it because I felt it was too nice or too cute to use and just lovely to look at. Now, I’ll certainly use it!

  2. I love this. When I’m typing something from a book I have to find something to hold the book open. This is perfect. Maybe I could have a pirate lean on my book.

  3. Hindi ko sya nahulaan. haha. san mo nakuha yan? maraming wood crafts sa baguio, baka galing don. kasama ng barrel man. hehe.

    this is a fun post. I love your interactive blogs. more please.

  4. Definitely thought it was a fashionable laundry clip Tita, 🙂 I have seen some pretty nifty page holders but nothing like this, now I want one !! I could definitely use it, I generally read whilst doing a million other things. Super inventive if you ask me.

    • The shop where I bought this is full of ingenious little Japan-made thingamajigs. Of course, a lot fall under the ‘who-thinks-up-these-things’ category, hehe, but are made to look cute (and are so cheap). 🙂

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