A New Way to Prevent The Email Flood

Hi, everyone. I’m sure by now you’ve changed your discussion settings so your readers won’t be dealing with a lot of emails. You’ve also unsubscribed from email notifications on follow-up comments that you unknowingly subscribed to.

But there are still a lot of blogs with the ‘Notify me of follow-up comments via email’ option checked by default. And sometimes you forget to uncheck. Then you have to unsubscribe again because the emails keep coming.

Well, finally, WordPress has come up with a way for us to prevent that.

  1. While logged in, go to Email Delivery Settings or http://wordpress.com/#!/read/subsettings/. (Long way is to go to your Reader, scroll down and click ‘Manage email delivery settings’.) You’ll see this:

 2.  Uncheck ‘Follow Comments’ (it is checked by default).

Save settings and you’re done. 🙂

See this update from WordPress if you need more details, especially if you are not a WordPress user.

13 thoughts on “A New Way to Prevent The Email Flood

  1. I don’t even know why they did this. I was shocked when I opened my email and there was this huge pile of comments I thought every single one of them replied to my comment in one of the FP’d post! But oh no. Muntik na kong mains, hahahaha. Buti na lang you made this post, and the previous one on this topic because I really have no idea how to stop those emails, I just blocked them on my email, hahaha! 🙂

    • Yargs, you commented on an FP’d post and did not uncheck? Parusa! I had thought of privately emailing one FP’d blogger nga and direct her to my post pero nadyahe ako. Kinilabutan nga ako when I thought of all the poor souls who were getting all those emails! (Kasama ka pala dun, hehe.) 😀

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  3. You made my day when I read Rumpy Dog and he shared advice you gave on how to disable the “follow-up comments” on e-mail. Glad I took your advice. Wish I’d known this earlier as I’m still getting notifications from two blogs that I had not checked. Will follow up the advice above as well.

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