House of a Thousand Toothaches

La Casa de los Dulces, Valencia

Keeping dentistas in business since 1953. πŸ˜‰

There’s so much sugar, the candies are climbing up the walls.

Sweet. Love.Β Free taste. (Yes, really.)

Childhood memories are made of these: gummy orange-shaped jelly candies, each ‘slice’ generously sprinkled with … sugar!

Multi-colored lollipops wider than a child’s head.

The real fountain of youth. πŸ™‚

β€œAll I really need is love, but a littleΒ candyΒ now and then doesn’t hurt!”

~ Charles M. Schulz ~


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45 thoughts on “House of a Thousand Toothaches

  1. Oh my goodness grapejuice! I wouldn’t know what to do with myself if I come to this place. I want everything!

    And I remember the “Orange” candies. I would always buy one whenever I hop on a bus. dati, nung may paradahan pa sa Lawton ng bus. hehehe

  2. Gorgeous photos are eye candy, too! “Fountain of Youth.” I love that, Tita! When I wander into a penny candy store, suddenly I’m a barefooted kid collecting pop bottles in a little red wagon to cash in for the two cent deposit, which we spent on—-CANDY! Mary Janes, Squirrels, Good ‘n’ Plenties, Snaps, Red Hot Dollars, Boston Baked Beans, Lik-a-Maid, licorice whips, Bazooka bubblegum, salted pumpkin seeds…

    • Bazooka Joe! I remember that. πŸ™‚
      Most of the customers inside the store were elderly people. Maybe they were stocking up on ‘bribe’ candies for their grandchildren, but then they all seemed to have a grand time sampling the different flavors, heh.

  3. Yummy, oooh, which to try first… Do you like Chupa Chups? my girls love them. I found a whole lot in Spain, Athens and even Italy. They were so happy. Love the title Tita, brilliant.

      • They are so hard to get in the US. Imagine that? We go to the Spanish store to get them sometimes… My other favorite Spanish thing is a pair of espadrilles I got in Madrid. No one makes it like them. I really want to take my girls to Barcelona. I don’t know if you get Bravo there but they have just started this show called Around the World in 80 Plates… I hope you can catch it. They go to Barcelone nxt wk and Florence, as well as Asia after that. It is so much fun.

        • We get some Bravo shows here but not that one. Too bad because I’d like to see how they’ll do Asia. I hope they get to here. πŸ™‚
          Let me see, are those espadrilles colorful in a cheery kind of way? I saw some in Madrid & thought of buying a pair but as it was rainy some days, I went for a pair of brown boots instead. Regretfully. No one wears leather boots here, haha. The memory of those espadrilles mock me. πŸ˜€

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