I took a day-long trip today and as our plane passed over Japan, there it was. Standing apart from the surrounding peaks, the famous snow-capped volcano is said to be rivaled in beauty only by the Philippines’ perfectly-shaped Mt. Mayon. I would tend to be biased towards the latter (it’s in my home region) but I find it hard to imagine how anyone can be immune to Mt. Fuji’s charms.

40 thoughts on “Fuji-san

  1. breathtakingly beautiful! I cannot believe you could fly so low to take this photo… when I fly I usually can only have a hunch about the scenery below…

    • It’s beautiful, Katz. I was so surprised too as I was already starting to fall asleep thinking there was nothing to be seen out the plane windows. Then I noticed that some passengers’ faces seemed to light up at the sight of something and when I looked out there it was. 🙂

  2. Fabulous! I am envious! My biggest disappointment with our Japan trip was Fuji San without the snow cap!!! Welcome back Tita 🙂

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