He’s thousands of miles away and I really miss him. It’s his birthday today though and this is my annual Bruno’s Birthday post.

We’re the exact same age now, haha (Bruno in dog years, me in human) but despite a few physical signs of slowing down, his enthusiasm for the world has not waned. Everything is still a ‘wheee’ and a wonder for him and Jigs. It’s just one of the things they have (unknowingly) taught me. 🙂

Happy Birthday, my furry child. I’m bringing home pounds and pounds of tasty treats for you.

16 thoughts on “Seven

  1. Happy birthday Bruno!!! Hope you’ve had an awesome day and that you’ve eaten lots of treats. You’re a cute looking dog and I bet Tita loves you to bits 😉

  2. Happy birthday, Bruni! Bowwowwows and awooooohhs, too, from Pusa, Gugung, Fluffy, Milky, Brownie.Coco and the four little milkies!

  3. Lovely dog! I don’t celebrate my dogs’ birthdays because they’re all rescue dogs and just have their birth dates estimated by the vet. My oldest dog is 13 probably during this month. She still has the “whee” approach to life, now that she has recovered from her illness. This weekend she went to the beach and was over the moon!
    Thanks for visiting my blog and leaving a very sweet comment. Unfortunately clumsy me deleted it while trying to answer it. Sorry!

    • She must have loved the trip to the beach! That is their idea of heaven, I think. And it’s great that she’s well again.

      We don’t know the birthdate of our other dog, too so we just celebrate the day we brought him to our home. We don’t know for sure how old he is, maybe 8 or 9 human years. But he’s so small he always looks like a puppy. 🙂

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