Drool Day: Bookmark Buddies

You know I cannot have enough bookmarks (yes, because I go on and on about it, haha).

I’m also a fan of Sherlock and Harry Potter and Merlin and … oy!

merlin by bethydesigns on etsy (600x450)

I want, I want! 🙂

These are bookmarks made by Beth Yates and sold in her Etsy shop, bethydesigns. They are utterly a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

Meet John Watson and Sherlock:

sherlock & john by bethydesigns on etsy


And those kids…

harrypotter by bethydesigns on etsy

There are also characters from Doctor Who, Alice in Wonderland and Big Bang Theory.

bigbangtheory by bethydesigns on etsy

But this is my favorite of the bunch.

MERRR-lin (echo echo echo)

How cute is Merlin, really? 🙂

Do check out bethydesigns for more of these.

Hmm, I feel like putting in a request for a new series of bookmarks. I’m thinking… Downton Abbey! 🙂


(all images courtesy of Beth Yates of bethydesigns. Thanks, Beth!)

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23 thoughts on “Drool Day: Bookmark Buddies

  1. Me too Tita, me too. I love book marks and collect them from every country and every place I can think of. This company, book depository from UK, sends bookmarks with my orders sometimes and they are fascinating. I wait to see what I’m get. I love the Merlin one. Didn’t know you watch the show… I watch too 🙂 and I love Holmes Watson too. How cute.

    • I do love those BBC shows! I watch the (still too few) episodes of Sherlock over and over. 🙂 I was really thrilled when I saw these bookmarks, hehe.
      I didn’t know about the Book Depository but I’m checking them out right now. They send nice bookmarks, huh? Hmmm….

    • They are fun, huh? I collect bookmarks, too and featured some on the post I linked to above. (I’m very proud of them, haha) Thanks, Amy! 🙂

  2. Those really are too cute. I would be worried about losing them or damaging them when the books are in my bag, which they are most of the time. Or you could have one for every theme of your book-colletion, to mark where the theme starts… I have got to go…

    • Hehe, thanks Nathy. I usually keep the really ‘precious’ bookmarks inside my bookmark boxes and just use the more common (replaceable) ones. I’ll probably get these Merlin bookmarks laminated, haha, because they’re really nice. 🙂

  3. Oh I need something like that! I still love turnings pages with a book and I always keep losing my bookmarks. Often times I often resort to tearing off a piece of paper and using it as my handy dandy “bookmark”!

  4. Absolutely love them!!!! They’re soooo cute and adorable! I didn’t know about this bookmarkt artist but I’ll sure check her out! 😉

    Have a great week, Tita!

    • It is a charming collection and I’m really hoping Ms. Yates will illustrate more characters from other popular shows just so we can see her take on them. 🙂

      Thanks, P! Have a great week, too. 🙂

  5. I love bookmarks!!!! I agree: they are addictive…And you do not need a lot of room for storing them…And it is great when suddently you find one in a forgotten book…

    • I have two boxes overflowing with them now, hehe, but they are indeed much easier to store than most other types of collectibles. And very useful, too. 🙂

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