More Hot Air

As promised, here are pictures of the more unusual balloons at the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. Enjoy! 🙂

balloon fiesta 2 by (6)

“Humpty Dumpty had a great flight.”

balloon fiesta 2 by (7)balloon fiesta 2 by (8)

The pink elephant and red fire engine were a hit with the kids…

balloon fiesta 2 by (2)

… and adults. 🙂

balloon fiesta 2 by (3)

The Department of Tourism nicknamed their balloon ‘Sunny Boy’, as Filipino a nickname as one can get, hehe.

balloon fiesta 2 by (9)

Sunny Boy did not fly that day and neither did the ‘Space Shuttle’ which had to be deflated after some delay in firing it up.

balloon fiesta 2 by

There was also a LOVELY bunch of giant tulips, which did fly.

balloons-by-titabuds (5)

Yes. 🙂 (Did you guess right?)
balloon fiesta 2 by (4) It was, hands down, the prettiest (man-made) thing on the sky that day. 🙂

balloon fiesta 2 by (5)


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33 thoughts on “More Hot Air

  1. I didn’t guess right but what a lovely bouquet of tulips! I am lovin’ Humpty Dumpty.. 😀 Tita I know not one dang thing what I am doing on Facebook. I am so befuddled. It’s going to take me forevah to figure it out. Isn’t their a manual for us that know nothing? Your pictures are beautiful, you do such fun things! The weather looked a little iffy.

    • Thanks, Ms. Pix! We had mostly grey skies that day but thankfully it didn’t rain (unlike the previous day when the rain dampened the spirits of everyone who went).
      Hmm, Facebook can sometimes be a little tricky as they keep changing things around. I resisted it a long time myself, hehe, because of all the privacy concerns but I think I’ve got the hang of it now. Their Help page has too many sections, I think, but it’s the nearest to a manual that we can get. You may email me if there’s a specific thing you’d like to do and I’ll see if I can help. 🙂

      • Thanks Tita! I might, but I will probably muddle thru. I haven’t put anything on there yet to worry about privacy.. 🙂 But I don’t know how to be a friend or get a friend or follow or on and on……… 😀

        • Oh, for starters you can let your readers know on your blog and provide a link to your facebook profile page (and your new twitter account, too, if you want). I’m sure they’ll soon be clicking on that friend request button. 🙂

    • Humpty Dumpty is even cuter when you look at how small the balloonists are compared to him. 🙂 As for the tulips, wouldn’t that be a great date flight for Jo & Jo? 😉

  2. Tita, how cute is Humpty-Dumpty. My favorite, hands down, although the tulips are just so pretty. Oh my gosh, I love your photos, I can’t get enough. By the way,I have questions about Barcelona for you, will get them to you soon 🙂

    • The cartoon characters really delighted the kids in the crowd, although I heard one boy loudly insist that the pink balloon was not an elephant but a pig. 😀

    • I’m sure it would have looked even lovelier under our usual blue sky but it did its work and brought a lot of colorful ‘flora’ into an otherwise overcast day. 🙂 Thanks, Suze!

  3. Nice shots as usual, Tita! Wish I could watch things like that someday 🙂 Though it would have been nicer if the weather was more ideal. Beautiful, nonetheless 😀

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