My Middle-Aged Boy

titabuds - dachshund - bruno

Bruno is 9 years old today — 54 in midsized-dog years — older than anyone else in the house and getting bossier by the day. I always mark his birthday with a blogpost so, hallelujah, my “latest” post is no longer about Christmas trees from 2012! 😀

Our treat for him (and his sidekick Jigsy) was a long car ride to Whole Pet Kitchen, the first dog cafe here in Manila. It’s a lovely place with real good, real food for dogs and their humans.

Now don’t be fooled by Bruno’s docile demeanor in that photo. Today of all days, Bruno decided that he would bring out his built-in amplifier and BARK in full dachshund decibels at everyone entering the store, including WPK’s own staff! How mortifying is that? Thank goodness, WPK’s staff are a patient bunch and the store ‘mascot’, a friendly golden retriever named Jack, wasn’t in. I wanted to meet him but Bruno would have run amok if he’d been there.

The dogs loved the doggie dish called Jack’s Lasagna.


Moments after I snapped that photo, Bruno took a huge chunk, plopped it on the white (!) sofa, and lapped it up till no morsel was left. He’s not exactly schooled in the art of table dining but I think he’s old enough to clean up after himself. 🙂


He’s thousands of miles away and I really miss him. It’s his birthday today though and this is my annual Bruno’s Birthday post.

We’re the exact same age now, haha (Bruno in dog years, me in human) but despite a few physical signs of slowing down, his enthusiasm for the world has not waned. Everything is still a ‘wheee’ and a wonder for him and Jigs. It’s just one of the things they have (unknowingly) taught me. 🙂

Happy Birthday, my furry child. I’m bringing home pounds and pounds of tasty treats for you.

6 Years of Cold Noses

It’s his birthday. Everything else takes a backseat.

Every morning, after he comes back from his walk, this dachshund goes to my side of the  bed and touches his nose to mine. He does not turn away until I reach out to pat his head and whisper “Hello, Bruno, good morning”. Then he pads off to his dog bed and goes back to sleep.

He’s been doing this since he was a puppy.

Happy birthday, my boy. I wish you knew that I will never tire of everything you do. Well, except for the barking part, but no dog can be perfect.

A Dog’s Prayer

Because we’re just about to run out of chicken jerky tenders…

Mention the words bread sticks or tasty treat and you get different reactions from my dogs. Bruno knows he is Top Dog and calmly sits. (He always gets the treat first.)

Jigs, our mini pinscher, chooses to work for his share. He jumps up and down, his eyes bulging and starts to HOWL. I guess that’s how it is when you’ve got the stomach of a whale.