Homeward Bound

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We’re leaving in four hours for our annual 12-hour drive to our hometown for Lent. I’ve been busy preparing for the trip because unlike in the past, this is going to be such a major production — the dogs are coming with us.

It’s both ‘Yey, we’re bringing them to the beach!’ and ‘There’s going to be chaos inside the car! For 12 hours!’. Because I can’t share in the driving duties, I’m in charge of the little savages and I probably won’t have time for much else, including snapping photos along the way.

These are pictures I took this time last year of the usual roadside scenery just before we reach Sorsogon. It’s harvest time so the rice fields are green and gold and calming and, though not as majestic as other landscapes, really beautiful. 🙂


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I hope you all have a calm and peaceful week ahead. 🙂


Fruits from a Southeast Asian Garden

My memories of childhood summers always include the tambis. One of the bigger trees  in our garden, the tambis or macopa (water/rose apple) was also the only one in our street and bore so much fruit that it gave us our version of a lemonade stand. Every summer afternoon, my sisters and I would set up a small table in front of our gate, arrange the tambis in pyramids and sell them to neighborhood kids for about ten centavos per three pieces.

We also had aratiles and guava trees and our playmates were free to pick a few from those. (I remember that guava tree. I kept peeling off the top layer of its trunk because it was always smoother underneath — a victim of my misdirected quest for neatness even in nature.)

The fruit trees in my mother’s garden are especially prolific now that it’s summer. Around this time, neighborhood kids regularly come around and ask if they can pick aratiles or hagis or tambis. Ma always says yes but also always with a warning for them to leave some on the trees or else, heh. Some things never change. 🙂

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Back Home

I’m back in the hometown for a work assignment and to visit my family.
Skies over Bicol

On the flight to here I was seated at the very last row of the plane and tried to delude myself that I was on First Class by listening to O Sole Mio and The Godfather theme while looking out at the clouds. (I’m currently on an Al Pacino phase.)

The flight to Legaspi City from Manila was shorter than the ride (by van) to my hometown. I was tired and sleepy by the time I arrived at Chimmy’s house but I immediately perked up at the sight of lunch.

We had sinigang na hipon, pork adobo, my favorite fried fish (usuus/asuhos or whiting) and bihon (rice noodles). All Filipino comfort food. Sarap.

I spent most of the afternoon with the nieces. They asked me repeatedly to take their picture.

“Tita Buds, puede?”

Gianna & Sam
“Tita Buds, ‘yung flowers naman.”

The flowers are pretty and the garden is on an all-out bloom this time of the year. Maybe, I should write something about my mother’s garden and everything that comes out of it. Meanwhile I need my sleep. The humidity — whooo! — is sapping my strength.