Victim of Schmaltz

[Recycled from my old blog. 🙂 ]


It was a few days before Valentine’s Day and romance was in the air. But after a long day, all I wanted was a quiet ride home. I hailed a cab, got in and, BOOM, was immediately pinned to my seat by sentiment so heavy it reminded me of the 12-hour bus ride that got me acquainted with the entire Power Ballads of the 80s boxed set.

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Recycled*: Insturctions

*Some of you who read my recent guest post may have wondered what my old, now-private blog was like. Or maybe no one did but I want to imagine that you did, so … tadah!!!.Let me introduce you to ‘Recycled’, a new regular (well, until I run out of ‘scraps’) feature where I will re-post some of the stuff my perfect 10 readers used to enjoy (?). Now you will be privy to the best, most edifying content the web has ever produced, hah! 😀

First up, something from when we were moving into our new place…

Now I am off to revitalrate myself.