Drool Day: Bookmark Buddies

You know I cannot have enough bookmarks (yes, because I go on and on about it, haha).

I’m also a fan of Sherlock and Harry Potter and Merlin and … oy!

merlin by bethydesigns on etsy (600x450)

I want, I want! 🙂

These are bookmarks made by Beth Yates and sold in her Etsy shop, bethydesigns. They are utterly a.d.o.r.a.b.l.e.

Meet John Watson and Sherlock:

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Drool Day: Bruno and Jigs Edition

Dear Human Mama,

While you’re taking your time sipping that coffee that you think tastes better than a Tasty Treat, we are taking over your blog. You see, we have a problem.

You know those pet ‘beds’ we’re supposed to sleep in? The ones that you think need to be washed often? Well, your washing them has made them not only un-smelly (which we hate), but worse, all clumpy and flat and twisted in the wrong places. That’s why we keep booting you out of your bed at night. (Really, Mama, try sleeping on the floor the whole day.)

So here’s the thing: we need new beds. And we’re now presenting you with these options. (Please note that they are all obviously easy to clean and will match our existing furniture — we know you love them matchy-matchy things).

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Drool Day: 80s Film Alphabet

People, I need your help.

You might have seen this poster before but I came across it only today at The Bazaar and the Eighties teen still living inside me has since been sitting cross-legged on her bed with her face all scrunched up, trying to will her middle-aged mind into identifying every film depicted herein.


Here’s what I’ve got so far: Coming to America, Dirty Dancing, ET, Ghostbusters, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Indiana Jones, Karate Kid, Nightmare on Elm Street, Labyrinth, Rambo and Teen Wolf.

Wait…isn’t that Emilio Estevez … ? … Waaah! Breakfast Club! Yes! (Sorry, my train of thought just took over.)

You know the feeling that you know you know something and you CANNOT rest until you remember what it is? Good. Help me then? (And because this is a fun challenge, can you ‘fill in the blanks’ without looking at the answers already submitted? ;))

While we’re at it, what other 80s movies do you think also deserve to be there? I vote Flashdance, Back to the Future, Say Anything, Pretty in Pink, and Some Kind of Wonderful. (Train of thought: Oh gaaaad, Andrew McCarthy and Eric Stoltz.)

Anyway, the print (by artist Steve Wildish)  is available for purchase (printed or as a downloadable file) at The Bazaar. I want it. It’ll be the perfect conversation piece when high school friends come over. I’ll watch them get stumped, too, as I put Moment of Truth and Billie Jean on repeat. 🙂


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Update: It’s been pointed out that B is in fact Back to the Future, not Breakfast Club. That oh-so-eighties jacket confused me and I really thought it was Emilio (yes, we are on first name basis, haha!).

Drool Day: Fauxcet

You know I love my circa-2006 Nokia phone, right? So sometimes when I see a phone accessory like this uber-cool Jaguchi smartphone stand, I grieve because my dino-phone has been deemed not worthy.

Oh, Dino, I know you’re tired. Now let me lay you down in this piece of old styrofoam…


(Photos from Nendo of Japan; first seen on design-milk.com)


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Drool Day: San Iker

OK, guy readers, look away. Seriously, look away NOW! For if you continue reading, you might never visit this blog again.

Fine. Since I believe I’ve given you fair warning (both here and in my About page, heh) and you still insist on staying, you must now begrudge me this girly moment. I’m just so overwhelmed, you see, that apparently he wants me.

(Yes, you Buds. Here. Now.)


What, you thought Drool Days would always be about bikes and rooms and Harry Potter posters? Tsk, tsk. Boys, that’s not how the mind of a woman works! (Although we don’t really say tsk,tsk in real life.)

Alright, end of moment. Sorry about that.

Now where’s that picture of Rafa Nadal? I should post that next, haha. 😉

(image from Iker Casillas's Official Facebook page)

Drool Day: Biker Chic

At some point in the past millenia, I knew how to ride a bike. I’m too chicken to check if I still do. But when I spotted this over at the blog Pillar Box Post, my heart skipped five beats.

Isn’t that the cutest bike you’ve ever seen? My god, even I would look pretty on this! Even if I were riding in tandem with Manuel Noriega. People would point and say, “What a lovely sight they make!”

Check out the handlebars. And that red bell! I imagine it sounds just like the ring-ring of the magpa-pandesal’s bike from my childhood. Retro ever so much.

Right now I’m so out of shape but IF I had an extra P25k or so (sadly, I don’t), I think I could turn myself into a would-be Lancelette.

(images from cb2.com)