Hot Air

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Last weekend, we drove to Clark Field in Pampanga (a province north of Manila) for the 18th Philippine International Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. We arrived early enough but there was already a huge crowd milling about. As I fiddled with the camera, I enviously eyed the ones who were able to secure a good spot for the expected photo ops and complained to the husband that everyone around me seemed too tall! 😀

crowds (3)crowd 01

To signal the start of the festival, skydivers jumped from a light plane, one of them with the Philippine flag. We then spent the rest of the morning  with our eyes glued to the sky, enjoying the sight of colorful balloons and paragliders and getting mightily impressed with the daring of aeronautical acrobats. Like everyone else who had a gadget (or two) in hand, I just clicked and clicked away.

balloons-by-titabuds (3)

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balloon collage (800x566)

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I’ll post pictures of the cute balloons next time. 🙂

Peek-in: InDognito by Karen Ngo

My sister sent me this delightful picture book, InDognito: A Book of Canines in Costumes by photographer/designer Karen Ngo.

I am not one to put my dogs in costumes. It’s already hard enough for me to imagine just how itchy it must be to have fur, hehe. But one time I bought a red tank top for Bruno and he looked cute in it in a canine Johnny Bravo kind of way but the husband said he won’t ever walk a dog in a costume (on the dog, not the husband). That effectively put the brakes on my non-existent up-and-coming career as a dog stylist. 😀

Anyway, the book is a pleasure to flip through. Ms. Ngo obviously has a wonderful way with pets and however you feel about putting dogs in costumes, you have to admit she really upped the adorableness factor in these.

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My Mini-Guide to Summer Fun in the Philippines

Since it is already summer over here and everyone is raring to go on weekend vacations, I’ve compiled my posts on a few domestic destinations and activities I tried during the past year. I hope it’ll help you plan your summer activities, whether you’re a fellow Pinoy or someone planning to visit my country.

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Ka-Double Trouble

Back in the Stone Age, when my sisters and I were not yet in our teens, watching a good movie required not only dressing up and going to a moviehouse, but also getting there on time — because missing the first part of the movie meant one had to sit through its “kadobol”.

kadobol (or ka-double feature) was a second film that was supposed to add value to one’s movie ticket. But it really served as time-filler while the film reels for the main feature were rushed to and shown in the other moviehouse across the street. 😉

A kadobol was often randomly selected, forgettable and boring — the moviehouse equivalent of the song on the ‘B-side’ of a hit record. (Think Duran Duran’s Make Me Smile on the flipside of The Reflex*). So at various times, us kids suffered through B-grade costume dramas, a coming-of-age movie from Israel, a documentary about General MacArthur, film footage from the wedding of a celebrity couple, and film footage from the funeral (I kid you not) of a starlet who famously died of leukemia.

But once in a while, a kadobol would turn out to be equally, if not more, memorable than the main feature. A horror film, for example.

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Drool Day: 80s Film Alphabet

People, I need your help.

You might have seen this poster before but I came across it only today at The Bazaar and the Eighties teen still living inside me has since been sitting cross-legged on her bed with her face all scrunched up, trying to will her middle-aged mind into identifying every film depicted herein.


Here’s what I’ve got so far: Coming to America, Dirty Dancing, ET, Ghostbusters, Honey I Shrunk the Kids, Indiana Jones, Karate Kid, Nightmare on Elm Street, Labyrinth, Rambo and Teen Wolf.

Wait…isn’t that Emilio Estevez … ? … Waaah! Breakfast Club! Yes! (Sorry, my train of thought just took over.)

You know the feeling that you know you know something and you CANNOT rest until you remember what it is? Good. Help me then? (And because this is a fun challenge, can you ‘fill in the blanks’ without looking at the answers already submitted? ;))

While we’re at it, what other 80s movies do you think also deserve to be there? I vote Flashdance, Back to the Future, Say Anything, Pretty in Pink, and Some Kind of Wonderful. (Train of thought: Oh gaaaad, Andrew McCarthy and Eric Stoltz.)

Anyway, the print (by artist Steve Wildish)  is available for purchase (printed or as a downloadable file) at The Bazaar. I want it. It’ll be the perfect conversation piece when high school friends come over. I’ll watch them get stumped, too, as I put Moment of Truth and Billie Jean on repeat. 🙂


More Drool Days here.


Update: It’s been pointed out that B is in fact Back to the Future, not Breakfast Club. That oh-so-eighties jacket confused me and I really thought it was Emilio (yes, we are on first name basis, haha!).

1983 B.C. (Before Cellphones)

From the depths of my keepsakes box, an old note from high school:

Written by a classmate and marked ‘CONFIDENTIAL’, it was secretly passed hand to hand in class until it reached me, who as class president had the responsibility to resolve weighty matters such as:

When are we going to watch Betamax?  Before YDT (P.E.) or after Chem?



Ah, the 80s. When 13-year-olds made a momentous event out of watching E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial. 😀

On a Wing & A Prayer

So this is how it feels to fly

I was soaring over pine trees high up in the mountains, the wind rushing past me, the sun on my face. No, I wasn’t having one of those dreams. I was in fact suspended on a cable and riding a zipline.

Some months ago, the Mr. and I rode our first zipline. It was only 300 meters long each way and left us craving for more. We heard about the dual zipline at the Dahilayan Adventure Park in Bukidnon. At 840 meters long, it is the longest in Asia and one of the longest in the world. It was also just what we wanted.   Continue reading