Victim of Schmaltz

[Recycled from my old blog. 🙂 ]


It was a few days before Valentine’s Day and romance was in the air. But after a long day, all I wanted was a quiet ride home. I hailed a cab, got in and, BOOM, was immediately pinned to my seat by sentiment so heavy it reminded me of the 12-hour bus ride that got me acquainted with the entire Power Ballads of the 80s boxed set.

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The What of Whatsit

Remember the little guessing game we had earlier this week? Today, it’s time for the little reveal. Here’s that picture of the item again:

Were you able to guess what it is? My sisters and brother say they can’t make heads or tails of it and Kid Bro says I should have allowed comments, hehe. For the record, I showed it to them months ago and their reactions were all along the lines of How Silly Can You Get? which makes this Whatsit perfect for this blog. 😀

Ok, here it is from another angle:

See those words? They should now clue you in on the purpose of this little wooden contraption, hehe. So…tadah!

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Recycled*: Insturctions

*Some of you who read my recent guest post may have wondered what my old, now-private blog was like. Or maybe no one did but I want to imagine that you did, so … tadah!!!.Let me introduce you to ‘Recycled’, a new regular (well, until I run out of ‘scraps’) feature where I will re-post some of the stuff my perfect 10 readers used to enjoy (?). Now you will be privy to the best, most edifying content the web has ever produced, hah! 😀

First up, something from when we were moving into our new place…

Now I am off to revitalrate myself.


Drool Day: Bruno and Jigs Edition

Dear Human Mama,

While you’re taking your time sipping that coffee that you think tastes better than a Tasty Treat, we are taking over your blog. You see, we have a problem.

You know those pet ‘beds’ we’re supposed to sleep in? The ones that you think need to be washed often? Well, your washing them has made them not only un-smelly (which we hate), but worse, all clumpy and flat and twisted in the wrong places. That’s why we keep booting you out of your bed at night. (Really, Mama, try sleeping on the floor the whole day.)

So here’s the thing: we need new beds. And we’re now presenting you with these options. (Please note that they are all obviously easy to clean and will match our existing furniture — we know you love them matchy-matchy things).

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Ka-Double Trouble

Back in the Stone Age, when my sisters and I were not yet in our teens, watching a good movie required not only dressing up and going to a moviehouse, but also getting there on time — because missing the first part of the movie meant one had to sit through its “kadobol”.

kadobol (or ka-double feature) was a second film that was supposed to add value to one’s movie ticket. But it really served as time-filler while the film reels for the main feature were rushed to and shown in the other moviehouse across the street. 😉

A kadobol was often randomly selected, forgettable and boring — the moviehouse equivalent of the song on the ‘B-side’ of a hit record. (Think Duran Duran’s Make Me Smile on the flipside of The Reflex*). So at various times, us kids suffered through B-grade costume dramas, a coming-of-age movie from Israel, a documentary about General MacArthur, film footage from the wedding of a celebrity couple, and film footage from the funeral (I kid you not) of a starlet who famously died of leukemia.

But once in a while, a kadobol would turn out to be equally, if not more, memorable than the main feature. A horror film, for example.

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